The student news source of Iowa City West High

West Side Story

The student news source of Iowa City West High

West Side Story

The student news source of Iowa City West High

West Side Story

This includes work created by students enrolled in Foundations of Journalism, the prerequisite course to joining a publication staff at West High. FOJ students are considered interns and are not West Side Story staff members while enrolled in the yearlong English elective. FOJ students can apply to join a publication staff after completing the course.

Front Row: Matthew Bedell 24, AJ Kroemer 25, Mishka Mohamed Nour 22

Middle Row: Mike Zeng 25, Kamakhee Kuchhal 24, Tyler Lieberman 25, Jinann AbuDagga 25

Back Row: Wesal Haroun 24, Haneen Eltyeb 25, Aaron Das 25, Ian Wells 24

Trobotix: Inspiration, Motivation, and Creation

Reem Kirja, Haneen Eltyeb, and Ashlyn Brady February 21, 2022

   West High is full of diverse clubs and organizations, some of the popular ones being Speech and Debate and Theater, but in the pile lies a creative and mostly unknown organization. West High’s Robotics...

Teachers side of the story

Teacher’s side of the story

Jordan Smith and Jaidon Lowman February 21, 2022

Teaching has completely changed over the last 30+ years. Talking non-stop for hours. Dealing with kids all day. Repeating yourself over and over. Day in, day out. This is the agenda for teachers at West....

Perspectives on Learning

Perspectives on Learning

Maddie Schroeder and Ashley Bedford February 21, 2022

You sit in front of a blank screen as you try to contemplate what to write about for your essay worth half your grade. The cursor is blinking at you. Exhausted, you try and hold your head up with your...

The people behind the counter

Airi Thompson and Yaya Orszula February 21, 2022

A crowd gathers together in front of the large garage door that shields the Trojan Cafe from hungry students. The teens talk to each other and stare at their phones impatiently waiting for the doors to...

A Look at AP Class Culture

A Look at AP Class Culture

Jack Furlong, Reporter, Videographer February 21, 2022

  One. Two. Three. Four. Five. These numbers are the culmination of all your work this year in one final test. You take a deep breath. You have one shot, one chance to show your knowledge and earn...

The Effect of Plant Based Diets

The Effect of Plant Based Diets

Marie Stier, Reporter February 21, 2022

     Food has always been a prime example of the diversity of cultures. People can find and experiment in both their identity and community. The United States, being a multicultural country,...

Trojan Bolts Boys Swimming

February 21, 2022

The swimmers are in position to leap off the pedestal as the announcer says “On your mark”. The crystal clear water glistening in the light with every ripple from the past race. Everyone is on the...

Chinese Lunar New Year

Chinese Lunar New Year

Anna Song and Gianna Liu February 17, 2022

Boom Boom Boom, the drums beat loudly. Hundreds of people parade down the street, brilliant colors of gold and red blend together. Big dragons dance under the illuminated moon in the sky. The children’s...

A humid, cloudy day in Grenada is made much better by the view from this cliff. This cliff is actually well-known throughout the small island of Grenada because decades ago, native people fighting for their rights against British colonial powers jumped off this cliff to their deaths as a sign of protest.

Young travelers

Ella De Young, Print Managing Editor June 9, 2021

The sun shines on your face, while your feet sink into the squishy sand. You look ahead to see glistening waves crashing. All you can do is smile as you’re finally getting a break from the stresses of...

To Be Continued: The Many Layers of Netflix

Nicole Lee and Lucybelle Gerlieb June 7, 2021

Click Here! Join Lucy and Nicole's final FoJ project in which they made a podcast where they complain/worship Netflix.

Nature is The Best Art- Twisted branches, naked from winter’s rasp, come the buds of spring.

Hawa Elola’s photo essay

Hawa Elola, WSS Intern May 24, 2021

I’ve always loved photography and the way each photo can bring emotion out of you. Whether it be fascination or a sense of peace, photography allows us to share and communicate our feelings and passions....

(FOJ Bridges) A Review of Warframe

(FOJ Bridges) A Review of Warframe

Cayden Bridges, WSS Intern May 7, 2021

In March of 2013, the open beta for the free-to-play video game “Warframe” launched. An enigma in genre, sometimes called an MMORPG, or just a shooter in general, it initially received average and...

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