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Godzilla Review


Godzilla. Gojira. King of the Monsters. Or whatever you want to call him, has returned after about 10 years of hiatus and has returned to his roots for a more serious plot line.

The movie starts in Japan in 1999 where Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) and Sandra Brody (Juliette Binoche) are at work in a nuclear power plant when seismic activity occurs, causing the plant to go into a meltdown. Flashing forward fifteen years later, to their son Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who is now a bomb-disposal expert in the military and has a wife and a child. He must return to Japan to bail his father out of jail for trespassing in the quarantine zone. His father convinces him that it wasn’t actually just seismic activity that caused the meltdown and says they must get to their house in the quarantine zone. They are then taken into custody by scientists studying a strange winged monster called a MUTO that feeds on radiation. It later breaks free and the scientists soon discover that only Godzilla can kill it.

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Godzilla Review