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George Liu

Ethan McAreavy ’18 stands by the Coralville Recreation Center swimming pool. The No. 9 ranked Trojans faced No. 10 Cedar Rapids Washington on Tuesday, Jan. 10.

Ethan McAreavy ’18

A multi-talented athlete, Ethan McAreavy emphasizes the team aspect of swimming as he swims for West.

West Side Story: When did you first start swimming?

Ethan McAreavy: I first started at Northwest Junior High, then got involved with IFLY up until last summer. Now, I’m just training with the high school team.

WSS: What made you start IFLY?

EM: I got involved in IFLY through my cousin.

WSS: Why did you leave IFLY last summer?

EM: I really wanted to focus on football, but I’m soon going to be doing both football and swimming during the summer again.

WSS: What have you enjoyed most about this season so far?

EM: I enjoy the meets the most.

WSS: What about the meets make them your favorite part of swimming for West?

EM: When you are swimming your relays and you look over before or after the race and seeing the whole team on their feet cheering. It’s practically the best feeling.

WSS: What are your best events?

EM: I swim the 50 [freestyle], the 100 [freestyle], and the [freestyle] relays.

WSS: What are your goals for this year?

EM: Keep improving and building the team up. I also want to make it to state and compete at that level.

WSS: What inspires you to keep swimming?

EM: Hearing and watching my friend Aidan Keen [’16]. Also there was a push by my parents to try out the sport.

WSS: What are your future plans for swimming?

EM: Finish out my junior year. Swim during the summer after football workouts and aim towards finishing my senior year right.


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