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Ethan Goers

Nike Magistas are one of the most popular soccer shoe to have been created. They are featured here. The design of the upper shoe is meant to give better grip on the ball.


Soccer shoes have many types of variation. There are firm ground cleats, soft ground cleats, turf shoes and indoor soccer shoes. The classic soccer cleats are the firm ground ones. Soccer shoes are specially designed to have good grip on the ground while sprinting after a ball or making sharp turns.  

“A shoe with good traction helps you turn faster and not slip,” said varsity soccer player Harry Zielinski ’18.

Soccer shoes have a unique upper shoe, designed to grip the ball when you pass and receive it. Although they are designed to enhance performance in the sport, Zielinski believes they possess a flaw.

“If there was was one thing I would change about soccer shoes it would be the sole. Soccer shoes are meant to be as light as possible so there is usually a small sole in the shoe,” he said.

According to Zielinski, these soles tend to wear out, and new shoes have to be purchased often.

“The price [range] is anywhere from 50 dollars to a little over 300 dollars, most people tend to wear shoes on the higher end of that spectrum,” he said.

Like basketball, Nike is one of the main players in the soccer shoe game. “Nike and Adidas are worn by most players, but a few wear Puma and New Balance. New Balance only started making soccer shoes two years ago so more people might start wearing them,” Zielinski said. Zielinski  tends to buy Nike shoes, due to their two-year warranty.

“I think that the return policy is the reason a lot of us buy their shoes,” he said.

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