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Photo provided by Allison Christopher.

Allison Christopher ’17

Allison Christopher is finishing out her high school career at Interlochen Center for the Performing Arts along with training at their dance program.

WSS: What is your graduation year?

Allison Christopher: I will be graduating May of 2017.

WSS: What school do you attend?

AC: I attend Interlochen Academy of the Arts, as a dance major.

WSS: Is it online or in person?

AC: It is in person.

WSS: Why did you originally look into going to this school?

AC: I first heard about the school from my former dance teacher, Sarah Barragan, who thought the school would be good for me because I would be able to study dance intensely and still focus on my academics and prepare for college.

WSS: What is one thing you miss about West?

AC: Getting to be a part of [the club] Behind the Mask and also getting to be around teachers, friends and peers [whom] I  had become close to during my three years at West High.  

WSS: What is one thing you don’t miss about West?

AC: I do not miss the the large class sizes and overall crowdedness of West.

WSS: Why did you end up choosing to go to Interlochen?

AC: It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t pass up and the best way to follow my dreams and fulfill my goals.  

WSS: How is it different from West?

AC: First off I live, eat and sleep at school. Second, there is a huge concentration on the arts as well as academics.

WSS: How is it similar to West?

AC: It’s a high school and there are still tests, homework and really annoying kids but also some really cool ones.

WSS: What is one positive impact it has had on your life?

AC: The connections I have made and training I am receiving is allowing me the opportunity to take advantages of many things, like taking master classes, working with known and unknown choreographers. I have also made many new friends that I hope to keep well into the future.   

WSS: What is the thing you miss most at home?

AC: My dog and my family.

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