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Leah Dusterhoft

Carter Rohweder ’17 wins the District 5 wrestling tournament to advance to his third Iowa High School State Wrestling Championships. (Feb. 11, 2017)

Carter Rohweder ’17

West Side Story: How have you done so far this season?

CR: Pretty good, not bad.

WSS: How have you improved from the beginning of the season, or from last season?

CR: Definitely improved. Last year I was hurt, pretty much the entire season. So, yeah this year [I] get to wrestle.

WSS: Who was the most challenging competitor you’ve faced?

CR: I’ve wrestled pretty much everybody ranked at my weight. I mean wrestled the number one kid, the number two kid, all the way up and down.

WSS: Do you expect to face them again at state, and still be challenged?

CR: Yes, they’re tough. Lots of tough matches.

WSS: How are you preparing for state?

CR: Drilling, wrestling with the best from my teammates. Some of the best in the state. So, I got the best competition in the room, the best competition out there, so it just correlates.

WSS: What’s your favorite wrestling move?

CR: I like to score points when I can. I like to put matches away quickly. I don’t like to just score points, I like to end matches as quickly as I can.

WSS: What do you expect out of state?

CR: Expect to win.

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