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The class of 2017 presents: Senior Quotes

With less than a week left of high school, the WSS asked seniors to share their parting thoughts.

May 19, 2017


“Everything will be OK, just go with the flow. “ Fatuma Abdalla  

“Is this necessary? 😒 “ Elisa Abram  

“”You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Nathan Abramoff” Nathan Abramoff

“May all your bacon burn.” Audrey Adamson

“Success is being at the right place at the right time doing the right thing.” Khalid Ahmed

“*bleating intensifies*” Ali Ali

“Just another papercut survivor.” Jordan Amelon


“Rock Paper Scissors.” Lucky Bah

“I can never stop talking until I am asked to come up with a senior quote.” Kasey Baller

“New day new outfit.” Safi Birindwa

“”I almost went to jail” – Hartwig” Coy Blair

“I see you through your window, While I’m standing on a tree outside.” Jaya Blanchard

“Being called boner, or people telling me to open my eyes will never get old, it’s been fun West!” Mackenzie Bonner

“It’s about the journey, not the destination, so enjoy the ride.  But there is something satisfying about the view from the Top.” Ty Bopp

“I’m never ready to have a party or a shindig.” Kathryn Bozer

“Hi mom.” Madison Brenner

“Life goes on.” Olivia Bristow

“God is with her, she will not fall– Psalms 46:5” De’Ja Bunyan

“Be better thanks :)” Delaney Burt

“Thanks to my classmates, teachers and coaches for being awesome!” Ashley Bys


“Hate is never the answer.” Shanthi Chackalackal

“No one can be happier of your accomplishments than yourself.” Irena Charles

“Procrastinated this like I did with literally everything school related…” Sean Chi

“I still wish I was at Hogwarts.” Andrea Childs

“Occasionally I’ll hit something with my car, so sue me.” Sam Choi

“Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called a garbage CAN not a garbage cannot.” Alyssa Clark

“¯\_(ツ)_/¯” Bailey Clingan

“Stay in your lane.” Antonio Clipperton

““I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them” – Andy Dwyer” Charlie Code

“Do yer jerb.” John James Colgan

“Thank you to Gwen Stefani for teaching me how to spell bananas.” Tommy Connolly

“Use your indoor voices.” Cameron Cook

“Frozen pizza is good.” Maddy Cookman

“Your mom’s a senior quote.” Abbie Cram

“Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.- Grateful Dead” Caleb Crossett

“”So, ya tweaked”-Armand Crouch” Dillon Crowell


“All the hard work you do and knowledge you gain in high school will open the door to your future!” Maggie Dahlstrom

“Dwight you ignorant slut” Cole Davis

“Shooters gotta shoot.” Ryan DeKeyser

“I have PhD in Applied Ass-Kicking, and a license to practice in the state of Iowa.” Aaditya Deshpande

“Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?” Nate Disterhoft

“Are you a god or an animal? Pfff. I donno” Braedyn Dochterman

“Go Hawks” Darby Donovan

“[Barley graduates in Spanish]” Alejandro Drey

“If they don’t know your dreams, They can’t shoot them down.” Dejah Dunson


“Calf day is everyday.” Blake Ealy

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.” AJ Elliot

“Everbody’s somebody’s everything.” Ethan Esgate


“Arguable the most productive thing I’ve done with my time here is writing “property of Harris on 100 different girls’ arms” Harrison Fairfield

“The day you stop looking back is the day you start moving on.” Kaitlyn Fangmann

“I’m not funny enough or this.” Katie Fliehler

“”Get Schwifty” – my heroes, Rick and Morty” Sierra Frost

“I should have graduated early.” Katie Fuhrmeister

“Go Trojans” Izaya Fullard

“I am the Michael Vick of Webkinz” Ned Furlong


“Acta non verba” Yiwen Gao

“And in the end, it’s not they years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years” Audrey Gillitzer

“Add ten years to your age. That will be your age in ten years” Maeven Goodno

“Spit facts, bless tracks, pet dogs, and get stacks” Reagan Grieser-Yoder

“Now is the best time to start becoming the person you want to be. -Dieter F. Uchtdorf” Kaylee Guymon


“No one ever noticed my haircut” Raneem Hamad

“The only way I can be an outstanding student is for me to go stand outside” Layla Hannaford

“Don’t live in regrets” Alex Hanson

“Still not from Texas” Kevin Hanson

“”Goodbye everyone i’ll remember you in therapy” -Plankton” Jordan Harper

“Once more into the fray, into the last good fight I’ll ever know. Live and die on this day, live and die on this day” Hirsche Henstrom

“#poundtown” Evan Hermiston

“Did somebody say chocolate?” Isabelle Hingtgen

“Say that to my face you limp noodle” Eleanor Ho

“Live your life to the fullest. TLH Out!” Danny Hong

“Love sloths and get babes” Sebastian Hough

“Dream big and always strive for your goals” Kaitlyn Housenga

“If no one from the future comes to stop you from doing it, than how bad of a decision could it really be” Molly Howes

“Forever and always Pound Town” Matthew Hough

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go! “You have brains in your head you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” ― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” Maddie Huinker


“”I’ve decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” – MLK Jr.” Asha Irani


“I’ll miss (some of) you guys” Artesha Jacques

“Yung savage y u trappin so hard” Abby Jans

“You know what they say, it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have sauced at all” Nate Jelinek

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” Kyle Jenkins

“The Rtay Partay never stops” Ryan Johnson

“I was thinking how I would make the perfect American president, based upon my skill set, dance ability, and bloodlust” Mikayla Johnston

“”Bros before hoes” Why? Because your bros are always there for you. They have got your back after your ho rips your heart out for no good reason. And you are nothing but great to your ho and you told her she was the only ho for you, and that she was better than all the other hoes in the world…and then…and then suddenly she’s not yo’ ho’ no mo'” -Michael Scott” Justin Jones

“High School is not as easy at it looks when you are a kid” Wyatt Jones

““I’m not afraid, but I’m very nervous.”  ― John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany” Noelle Jung

“Have fun in high school because it only comes once” Hana Jwaied


“Excuses is for losses , get yourself up and make it happen” Jerviny Kamaya

“I only came to school because that’s where everyone else be during the day” Diamice Keita

“Just think about it, all of our parents had sex in the same year” Claire Keller

“”Cone in, fist out”-Big Meade” Alex Kleinow

“Jon Bach is the M(ath)VP” Gabby Klemme

“If the p is low, reject the Ho” Jaxon Klosterman

“I’m The Rose That Grew From Concrete, Watch Me Blossom” Romeo Kollie

“”When life gives you lemons, you sell some of your grandma’s jewelry and go clubbin’.” ~Jean-Ralphio “ Annika Kopf

“Are we done now?” Ellie Kovar

“Never stop working” Josh Kwok


“Today’s the day” Andrew Lamkins

“I may not know how to do my taxes but at least I can recite the quadratic formula. Thanks West High!” Jory Lamp

“Oh, get a job? Just get a job? Why don’t I strap on my job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon and fire off into job land, where jobs grow on jobbies?! -Charlie Kelly” Nicole Lange

“Oh wow” Carter LeaVesseur

“I let the dogs out” Shea Lewis

“I never expected to get roofied in high school, but I guess s*** happens” Zach Logsden

“I spent an hour on this question” Lily Lucas

“To all the youngsters without dreams…” Zayetzy Luna


“The problem with opinions is that even idiots are allowed to have them” Elaina Martz

“I still don’t know the names of the computer labs” Connor McCaffery

“Alright, I took the quiz and it turns out I do put career before men.” -Chandler Bing” Erin McCain

“You have nothing to lose but your chains, and maybe your hat” Kalen McCain

“Nine bowls of soup are balanced on the end of a rake on an icthyosaur’s head” Casey McClenathan

“May we meet again atop the blue mountains” Breyton McDole

“Dear West High, thank you for teaching me how to illegally park and not get a ticket” Katie McGrane

“She’s indecisive… she can’t decide” Bridget McKenna

“hot and DANGEROUS” Caitlyn McKenna

“Don’t take life so seriously. It’s not like you’re gonna get out of it alive” Cole McKillip

“So like… Jon Stewart 2020?” Ashely McMahon

“Cash me at the pool how bou dat” Marissa Meade

“One day I came to school without my scarf, but no one was there” Ala Mohamed

“Namaste, bitches” Mary Mondonaro

“High School Musical lied” Annie Mons

“What’s Boolin?” Michael Moonjely

“YOLO 😛 :)” Lindsey Moore

“Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug” Sukh Mundra

“The superintendent isn’t actually my dad, I just never corrected anybody” Andrew Murley

“Just because there’s a goalie doesn’t mean you can’t score” Claire Murray

“Most people exist, I want to Live” Andrei Musetescu

“There are loyal hearts, there are spirits brave, there are souls that are pure and true; then give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you” Emmanuel Muyaya


“Game Face.” Braden Nelson

“Everone always says, ‘Jacquelyn, you’re not a trendsetter go-getter,’ but how do you explian the cat socks?” Jacquelyn Nielson

“Out this b17ch” Emma Norris

“Groovy like a drive-in movie.” Derek Negent


“Always remember: you’re a joke.” Ryo Ohashi

“Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot.”  Andreé Oliver

“^”  Izaya Ono-Fullard


“I peaked in junior high.” Marina Paul

“‘Yup, it is a thing,’- Jeff Knutson” Sofia Perez

“It be like that.” Will Peterson

“We never really grow up, we just masquerade as adults because that’s what we’re expected to do.” Cole Piercy

“Treat yo self and watch Tasty food videos.” Jenny Pigge

“Tell your boyfriend if he says he’s got beef that I’m a vegetarian and I ain’t heckin scared of him.” Kennedy Posey


“I will be hunting down Caitlyn Yoder-Cook at all costs.” Shay Raffensperger

“My longest yeah boi ever.” Olivia Read

“Whatever it was, I’m sure I didn’t do it.” Leah Rhodes

“Some call it luck, I call it dedication.” Kaylub Ripperton

“SAY YES TO PANTS” Nicole Ritchey

“We out this b17ch” Lexee Robbins

“‘“Ambitious” is my middle name.”- Kim Kardashian” Isabelle Robles

“You can’t fix stupid.” Gage Rodgers-Bergerud

“Smash.” Andrew Rompot

“‘Wiz Khalifa is my idol’- Armand Crouch” Adam Rose

“Make the most out of everything.” Zachary Rouse

“Chip off my shoulder like I’m dying over pringles.” Alex Ruppert

“I accept life and everything come with it, down the line.” Janesha Rush

“Thank you to everyone who shows up to the west high softball games 🙂 jk no one does, but thanks anyway.” Skylar Ryan


“And may you always have blue skies.” Rebecca Sandhu

“I filled out this survey at 2:47am the day it’s due and if that doesn’t sum up high school I don’t know what does.” Morgan Saylor

“Live life spontaneously for Jesus while wearing Chacos.” Bethany Schillinger

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself.” Cold Schneider

“I’m so tired I can see sounds and hear colors.” Abbie Schooley

“I just wanna do hoodrat shit with my friends.” Nick Sehr

“‘Sashay away’.- RuPaul” Meldia Sharpe

“Dope.” Taylor Shelfo

“Take risks.” Shaye Shelton

“Kind people are my kinda people.” Sydney Shie

“Hm.” Kenna Short

“High School Musical lied.” Jessica Skopec

“Fake it ‘til ya make it.” Erik Smith

“What am I doing with my life?” Gisela Smith

“Be bold, be courageous, be your best.” Aubrey Sowers

“Hecky darn” Cassandra Staib

“-” Orion Staskal

“Can Hartwig hand me my diploma?” Regan Steigleder

“Stay strong, stay humble, stay you.” Kalei Strabala

“All I really did was sleep.” Logan Stuart

“”Mac are you gay?”-my mom x2” McLean Sunderland


“Life is short, eat dessert first.” Jared Termini

“”I don’t see much sense in that,” said Rabbit. “No,” said Pooh humbly, “there isn’t. But there was going to be when I began it. It’s just that something happened to it along the way.”
― Winnie the Pooh” Maggie Terry

“Do not fear the future. You will face it, if you must, with the same tools that today arm you against the present.” Nathan Thomas

“‘Do. Or do not. There is no try.’ -Yoda” Spencer Thompson

“”Now I’m gonna tell you as a pursuer you’re the damndest pursuee I’ve ever pursued! And now that we got the mutual bullshit out of the way, WHERE YOU AT YOU SOMBITCH!?” -Buford T. Justice, Smokey and the Bandit.” Jordan Tiegs

“Take time to figure out your future and figure it out on your own time, on your own terms. Do what’s right for you.” Kati Toft

“Four years later and I’m still an idiot.” Gracie Tovar

“-does a backflip and falls on my face-” Kiera Tran

“Yep, it’s a thing.” Natalie Trout


“”I’m not going to procrastinate” -Nobody” Cescily Vance

“”I don’t know how you’re going to make it in life.”  – My Dad” Addison VanDePol

“*insert the audition song from La La Land*” Kate Vander Leest

“Life is good” Chanel Vidal

“This was nothing like high school musical: Mackenzie Voigt


“I’m the new powa” Hunter Waite

“This wasn’t like High School Musical at all” Alex Walton

“That you are here, that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse” Julie Watkins

“Friends don’t let friends die without Jesus” Val Welch

“I’m not great at advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” Sasha Wemmie

“”Four in the morning, and I’m zonin they say I’m possessed, its an omen. I keep it 300 like the Romans, 300 bitches where the Trojans? Baby we livin, in the moment. I’ve been a menace for the longest, but I ain’t finished, I’m devoted. And you know it, and you know it! AHH” Maddee Whitehead

“So if you thinking that you’d like to be like me Go ahead and try The kid inside will set you free  I’m a goofy goober” Javonte Williams

“What Would Olivia Pope Do?” Kortnilyn Williams

“Wup” Robert Wise

“Other than academics, this school really isn’t that great “ David Wu


“I will be avoiding Shay Raffensperger at all costs” Caitlyn Yoder-Cook


“”I knew exactly what to do, but in a much more real sense I had no idea what to do.” -Michael Scott” Conor Zielinski

“”Every ending is a new beginning” Myla Zimmer

“:)” Abby Zimmerman



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