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Damages to brain function

November 14, 2017

A few areas of the brain can be pinpointed as promoting the most symptoms. Specifically, global cerebral dysfunction can cause several other parts of this organ to be injured, according to Peterson.

“Your brain sits inside your skull in some fluid. When you hit your head, your brain can slam against the skull where it hit or it could also go backwards like [a] whiplash effect. Or there can also be some sort of shearing, like spinning,” said Stiles.

As the control center for the body, it can cause numerous other organs to malfunction, especially those located near the head and neck.

“Your occipital lobe is in the very back and that controls your eyes. So that’s where you might see double vision problems in general and the light bothering you,” Stiles said.

This makes it more common for athletes to experience blackouts and issues pertaining to vision upon injury, such as those that Halvorsen did.

“I just felt really slow and I blacked out, which kind of scared me because I kind of lost my breath and came back. Everything was darker,” he said.


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