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Memories and muscle tanks


Memories and muscle tanks

Picking a moment where I found myself is like that time I picked up an apple from the lunch line, and it was already fermenting. Everything slowly melting and stewing together into a big old puddle of personality, but I’ll try my best to pick out the instances that mattered to me.

Right off the bat is being called toothpick by Mr. Gross. Started wearing muscle tanks that year and in response, I earned the moniker “toothpick.” The grind never stops, Mr. Gross. Never.

The next would be seeing Infinity War by myself. A solitary experience, but it made me realize sometimes you gotta take time for yourself and enjoy life alone. By the way, Captain America is the OG.

Now shoutouts to the people that made the rotting apple worth enjoying. I’ll start with the teachers: Boylan, you the bomb; your class was hard, but I’m a better writer from it. Walker, thanks for all of your help in Pre-Calc. You were too nice. Shoutout to coaches Martz, Kidman and Craig. I know I lumped you all together, but you’ve all made me a better runner and man, on and off the track, and for that, I can’t thank you enough. Ms. Whittaker, thanks for putting up with me for four years. I hope you’re happy with the job I did on staff.

Now to some of my classmates: Will, some of the funniest stories I have come from your antics. Deniz, I’m sorry I don’t remember the elementary school years, but you’re one of the most inspiring people I’ve met. Multiple shoutouts to my boys and girls: Ethan, Danny, Katherine, Sasha, Sophie, Charlie, Simon and all the rest. Your friendship makes the tough times bearable. And Kara, this last shoutout is for you, hits the woah.

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