Working for break

February 25, 2020

Kailey Gee

The days after snow days hold some of the best memories for ICCSD Superintendent Stephen Murley’s son, Alec Murley ’20. High fives and fist bumps are not uncommon for Murley after students return from a well-deserved day off.
“After a snow day my freshman year, a bunch of seniors picked me up and paraded me through the halls. Everyone was calling me the man; I had like ten girls ask for my number,” Murley said. “It’s pretty much one of the greatest feelings in the world.”
Being the superintendent’s son is not always glamorous, however. On days when students feel classes should have been canceled or delayed, Murley receives constant harassment throughout the day by students and teachers alike.
“If we have to come to school when the weather’s bad I make sure not to be seen with Alec,” said long-time friend Julian Fender ’20. “Sometimes I join in on the harassment just so people don’t get suspicious of me.”
After a couple of physical altercations with a group of upperclassmen known as ‘The Blizzard Bunch’, Murley knew something had to change. With an improved work ethic and a little bit of persuasion, Murley was able to appease his peers while also keeping himself out of harm’s way.
“I started bargaining with my dad last winter saying that if I took the trash out or actually cleaned my room instead of just shoving everything under the bed, he should have to cancel school,” Murley said. “I’m surprised it actually worked.”
Since last year, Murley has been working feverishly around the house for more delays and cancellations. He even has a major project in the works for the upcoming weeks.
“Last year we got like three days in a row off from school because I cleared out our entire attic,” Murley said. “Now I’m trying to get us an extra week of spring break by remodeling our basement, but we will see how that goes.”

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