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Horror stories from West students

Jade Spicher ’23

“In my neighborhood on Halloween there was always this house that would scare kids. He was an older man that would do different things each year, like one year he pretended to be a decoration and then would chase kids with a chainsaw down the street,” said Jade Spicher ’23. “He got better at knowing that kids knew where his house was so he would hide in a pile of leaves and jump out and scare kids. All Halloween night all you would hear was kids screaming from that guys house, but then at the end he would give them a hug and say he was sorry because he was a kind man.”

Divinity Myers ’22

“My scary story was that my brother wasn’t home one day and my sister’s friend was over…I was waiting for her to come out of my room so we could go play Minecraft in the living room. When she came out she passed my brother’s room and the door slammed closed very loudly but no one was in there.”

Patricio Argumedo ’23

This story is told from Argumedo’s father.

“Years ago, before I moved to the states, my grandfather passed away, he was buried at the cemetery called ‘Panteón del Carmen’ on a cold and windy morning. After the funeral, me and my dad walked around the grave and came upon a famous statue, of a young violinist. Standing in front of it felt just chilling and creepy. The legend behind that statue tells that a hundred years ago Gregorio was a child violin prodigy and died of a horrible disease, ever since then people swear to hear beautiful but chilling melodies coming from the statue during their burying. My dad thought he heard them during that funeral, but I don’t really know if he was just trying to take my mind off my grandfather’s passing or if it was true.” 

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