Eva Jordan

mostly a’s

Click this video link to access the Youtube playlist or check out the song list below:

“90210” — Justin Der

“Blood Bank— Bon Iver

“Wallows Lake Monster” — Sufjan Stevens

“Moon River” — Jacob Collier

“Redford (for Yia-Yia and Pappou)” — Sufjan Stevens 

“Somewhere in Between” — Jacob LaVelle

Gymnopédie No. 1— Erik Satie, Philippe Entremont 

“Nuvole Bianche” — Ludovico Einaudi 

“The Only Thing” — Sufjan Stevens 

“Re: Stacks” — Bon Iver 

Space Song— Beach House

“€€€€^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!” — Lala Lala, Baths

“Baby You’re Worth it” —Kina

“Big Black Car” — Gregory Alan Isakov 

“Bloom – Bonus Track” — The Paper Kites

“Far from You” — Ryan Librada, Jady

Holocene— Bon Iver 

“Hey, Ma” — Bon Iver 

Fools Gold” — Lucy Dacus 

Je Rêve D’é— Indolore 

My Space is Overgrown— Aayushi

“Waiting For The Sun” — No Spirit 

“Empty Shelves— Team Astro

Getsomerest/sleepwell— sleepwell 

“Closed on Sunday” — Justin Der 

“Saman” Ólafur Arnalds

White Ferrari” — Justin Der 

“Feel Like We Only Go Backwards” — Imaginary Future

Je te laisserai des mots— Patrick Watson 

When You Wash Your Hair” — Matt Maltese

If You Need to, Keep Time on Me— Fleet Foxes 

Tu me fascines” — Romaine LaGrande 

“Where’s My Love – Piano Solo” — SYML 

Mystery of Love— Sufjan Stevens 

“Lights Are On— Tom Rosenthal 

“Death with Dignity” — Sufjan Steens 

“Lonley Shade of Blue— Nick Leng

“Winter Surf” — Alek Olsen 

“Hugging You – Acoustic” — Tom Rosenthal, Billie Marten 

La Lune” — Billie Marten


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