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2021 senior columns

Famous last words from the WSS class of 2021.

Apologies are for things you regret, and I don’t have those.

Ella Rosenthal, Print Entertainment Editor

  I misspelled safety, twice, in different ways, in the December 2019 West Side Story. Saftey (on the page) and Safty (on the table of contents) have haunted me. Even leading to my senior superlative, they’ve become my favorite mistakes because it led to me finding my niche in West Side Story, unfortunately at the cost of my dignity.   I have forgotten to turn in many canvas assignmen...

By the windowsill

Bess Frerichs, Online Managing and Feature Editor

I spent most of my mornings during high school sitting in places that I wasn’t supposed to sit. Well, I was technically allowed to, but while most people sat in the library, the cafeteria or classrooms before class started, I would sit on the floor of the hallway.  My sister and I would arrive at least 20 minutes early every morning, and we wanted to sit somewhere out of the way while we waited...

Reality over fantasy

Youjoo Lee, Feature Editor

I think I’ve watched too many “a day in the life of a US high school student” vlogs on YouTube, or “American” teen movies that involve romance between a football player and a cheerleader and crazy pool parties. As a high school student in Korea watching those, I was so jealous of the kids in the US. I didn’t want to miss all the fun that I absolutely had to immigrate here. (I promise I...

Into the Unknown

Fareeha Ahmad, Profiles Editor and Yearbook Copy Editor

Change has always been petrifying for me. My first ever bus ride to my first ever high school class therefore made me an absolute nervous wreck. It didn’t help that most of the people I was close to moved to the newly established Liberty High School (the jealousy I felt for not being able to attend was 100% misplaced). Or that I didn’t have an older sibling to look to for guidance. Or that my par...

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