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Julie Peterson: Cafeteria manager

West Side Story: “What are your plans after retirement?”

Julie Peterson: “The most important thing to me is my children are grown and live in Minneapolis, so I’ll be spending time with them. I’m really excited for that. And I just need to make sure to decompress.”

WSS: “What will you miss the most?”

JP: “My favorite memories are just seeing the kids’ faces every day … I mean it so sincerely when I say that West High kids are so polite … nobody’s perfect, but man, like 95% of these kids come through, even the ones that might have a troubled day or have troubles at home.”

WSS: “What are your favorite memories at West?”

JP:My favorite memories are just seeing the kids face every day.”

WSS: What advice do you have for new teachers and students in the district?

JP: “Always be positive and look out for each other and your teammates and know that the administration here at West High is your go-to, they’ll always help you with everything.”

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