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Into the Unknown

Change has always been petrifying for me. My first ever bus ride to my first ever high school class therefore made me an absolute nervous wreck. It didn’t help that most of the people I was close to moved to the newly established Liberty High School (the jealousy I felt for not being able to attend was 100% misplaced). Or that I didn’t have an older sibling to look to for guidance. Or that my parents had both never attended high school in the United States. And it certainly didn’t help that I stuttered or messed up my words if I had to say so much as a sentence to anyone. So, every time anything remotely new happened, my heart would leap into my throat. 

What I didn’t know was that although change is inevitable, it’s exactly what helps you become a better version of yourself. 

Everything I did in high school was a step “Into the Unknown.” (Don’t tell my freshman self that or she’d freak out.) I tried different activities, dropped out of some, and found ones that impacted me on levels I can’t even begin to explain–the most meaningful ones being West Side Story and 1440 Interact Club. What came as the biggest surprise is that I absolutely love getting to know and work with other people. And in spite of my reserved self, I made it a mission to branch out. 

What I began to realize is that although some things do change, “Some Things Never Change” as well. Shoutout to my slice sister, Caitlyn. Although she moved to Virginia after our freshman year, we have stayed best friends and in contact ever since. Shoutout to Lilly for always checking in and offering me her restaurant’s delicious soup. Shoutout to Marta for always being the most caring and beautiful human out there. Shoutout to Anya for sticking with me and being a great friend ever since elementary school. Shoutout to Ella for always knowing how to brighten up my day. Shoutout to my forever math buddies Grace and Advika. Shoutout to Maggie and Hiruni for always being so supportive. Shoutout to the entire WSS staff, you all will always be the kindest and most hardworking group of people I know. Shoutout to my two-year bus gang–Anna, Ethan, Will, Tim, and Jack–for being the most hilarious group of people in existence. Shoutout to Ethan once more for always enduring my rants about whatever obsession I currently have during that time. Shoutout to Ms. Barnhouse, Ms. Mehegan, Ms. Johnson, Mr. Boylan, Ms. Nash, Ms. Whittaker, and many more for being the best teachers I could have ever asked for. Biggest shoutout to my family for always being the hug I need. And of course, shoutout to every cartoon I have ever loved–y’all have always been there for me in the toughest of times. 

My four years have certainly been a ride. But I’ve picked up that no matter what happens or what point you’re at in life, you’re never alone. So, when I walk into the unknown territory that is college, I know that I’ll always have unconditional love and support. (And one last shoutout to you for bearing with my mediocre “Frozen 2” references.) 

With much love, 



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