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As I am sitting in my last class of high school, smiling behind my mask, a bittersweet feeling iis pricking my heart. I will no longer stand in line for lunch, I will no longer see my younger peers and get to wave at them, I will no longer have one building to contain everything I call ‘school’. I started this roller coaster ride known as highschool, hating every aspect of it; it stole something that was very precious to me, my old life in my home country, Sudan. However, today as I walk through the hallways for the last time, only deep sadness is left for those I met behind.

Each year was different, and from each, I carried many things. Here are my takeaways in 35 words for every year. 


Freshman year: It was a brand new school, a brand new language, a brand new people. I was jumping from class to class, absorbing everything. I think I found my own ways to fit in. 


Sophomore year: I started to bring my aspirations into life, from doing things the way I like to finding what works best for me. I made new friends, and I started to achieve my goals.   


Junior year: It was a unique year, quite literally, with everything happening. I became an online student, I may or may not have taken advantage of it. It wasn’t a hard year as they say. 


Senior year: I felt like I had achieved so much, yet there was so much more that I could have done or would have liked to do. In the end, I think I am content. 


I have done a lot of things in those last four years, yet there were many more things that I wanted to do. Even though I have some regrets, I would still not wish to change anything, because everything that happened, or didn’t happen, made me who I am today. That is something I wouldn’t want to compromise. 


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