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I’ve always had a journalistic influence in my life: my mom. Watching her cover late-night elections and the latest from the Farm Bureau was a prevalent part of my upbringing. So, as a high school freshman, it was only natural that I enrolled in FOJ. High school journalism was very eye-opening in a variety of ways. For one, I learned all about a fantasy card game from Robyn Barton as one of my first profile assignments. Listening to the interview recording and deciphering Magic the Gathering slang was not something I had expected to do during my first journalistic venture. 

During my year in FOJ, I tried it all, but had been seduced by one aspect in particular: design. Though my experience using InDesign through Monarch was less than desirable, I was hooked on page layouts and graphics. So, for this reason, I applied for a position as a reporter and designer on WSS print staff. Ironically, I did not write a single article in my first year. Instead, I designed spreads every cycle and fell further in love with graphic design and its possibilities. Similar to my high school relationships, my experience with journalism was often rocky. My procrastination frequently resulted in five hour design benders the night before Round 2, desperately trying to finish my art and make the text fit the page. “How does my mom do this?” I thought. Though her work took place mostly in Microsoft Word and mine in Illustrator, I understood the pressure she faced on the daily. Journalism has taught me many things, one of which being my lack of desire to pursue it professionally (sorry Mom). I will however take my Photoshop chops to college and hopefully make a design-related life for myself. I never would’ve explored this passion if it wasn’t for the WSS, and for that I am forever grateful. Peace out print staff! I can’t wait to read your guys’ articles in the Washington Post or The New York Times some day!

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