Iowa caucus results

February 7, 2020


Gwen Watson

Community members attend the Iowa caucuses at West high on Monday, Feb. 3rd.

This year’s Iowa caucus results are plagued by issues, leaving many Iowans wondering, what were the results? As of now, with 99% of precincts reporting, Pete Buttigieg leads, with 26.2% and 13 delegates, with Bernie Sanders coming in a close second with 26.1% and 12 delegates. Sanders also won the popular vote. The issues with the reporting of the results led many to question the results because of how close the race between Buttigieg and Sanders was.

Behind Buttigieg and Sanders, Elizabeth Warren follows, with 18%, and then Joe Biden with 15.8%. Neither Biden nor Warren did as well as expected, and they are looking ahead to other states to make up ground.

Amy Klobuchar came in sixth place with 12.3%, and all of the other candidates have one percent or less. Klobuchar gained much more support than expected, beating out other smaller campaigns such as Andrew Yang’s and Tom Steyer’s.

This year’s problems began with the app that was supposed to be used to report all of the data. Many of the people from the precincts that were supposed to report were not able to figure it out or log in, resulting in many of them trying to report the results over the phone lines, which were vastly understaffed because they were only supposed to be a fall back plan. Because of this, the results were very late to be reported because many of the results had to be manually counted.

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