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February 17, 2020

Uniforms of West High athletes have been everywhere from the covers of national newspapers to the big screens of Hollywood. While there are plenty of well-designed jerseys on this list, there are also uniforms representing something bigger than the fabric itself, whether it be a rebuild or a return to tradition.

The greatest West High uniforms strike fear in their opponents, who have come to recognize the sheer look of green and gold as complete and utter dominance. Find out which uniform tops the list by reading below:

Number 10 – Softball “Mudita” (current)

Alyssa Skala
Tamiah Teran ’23 calls for time before her at-bat during a home softball game.

Head coach Barb Lynn is looking to rebuild the softball program with the help of some traditional uniforms. West High’s softball uniforms haven’t changed much since 2011, but the newest installment blends forest green with Vegas gold in nearly perfect fashion, with the stirrups only adding to the cohesion.

The ‘mudita’ mantra that embodies the teamwork of Lynn’s program will be well-represented in her team’s jerseys this summer.

Number 9 – Baseball “Gold Standard” (2020)

Although these uniforms have yet to see the field, the shining gold jerseys will be on full display for the Trojans this season as head coach Charlie Stumpff seeks his first state title. The uniform keeps its tradition intact with the classic script ‘W’ while also adding new patches displaying the American flag and a baseball.

The uniform also pays tribute to West High baseball player Austin “Flash” Schroeder ’18, whose life was cut short in 2015 after a long battle with cancer. The jerseys features a “Fight With Flash” patch on the right sleeve, keeping Schroeder’s memory alive in the program’s current uniforms.

Number 8 – Boys Basketball “Three-peat” (’12-’14)

Wyatt Lohaus ’14 drives to the basket wearing West High’s home basketball uniform from 2012 to 2014.

While these uniforms may lack the sophistication and style of others on this list, these jerseys are undoubtedly the most feared of any outfit on the list. The boys basketball team never lost while wearing these home white jerseys, producing three straight state championships from 2012 to 2014.

The sustained success of these jerseys leaves fans with one simple question: why did we ever stop wearing them?

Number 7 – Girls Soccer “Three Stripes” (’01-’06)

The West High girls soccer uniform from 2001 to 2006.

Long-time girls soccer coach Dave Rosenthal has always been an advocate for Adidas uniforms, and this just might be the best version of his team’s jerseys. The three stripes are instantly recognizable as the Adidas brand, giving these uniforms a nearly professional-level look during their time.

The girls soccer team captured a state title in 2004 wearing these green and white uniforms, cementing their legacy for years to come.

Number 6 – Boys Cross Country “Pack Men” (current)

Owen Aanestad
Nicolo Schianchi ’22, Alex McKane ’22, and Caden Noeller ’22 sprint off the start line during the state cross country meet on Nov. 2 in Fort Dodge.

The newest programs to hop on the growing black uniform trend, the boys cross country team debuted these tanks last fall in head coach Josh Kidman’s second year. With Kidman’s strategy of pack running, these uniforms left opponents chasing the black mob of Trojans as the team grew in both confidence and speed throughout the season.

Although they are last to the trend, this won’t be the last black uniform on this list.

Number 5 – Girls Cross Country “Tradition” (’07-pres.)

Owen Aanestad
Maddy Negley ’21 works her way through the race at the one-mile marker during the state cross country meet on Nov. 2 in Fort Dodge.

While the girls track outfits found themselves among the top 10 worst uniforms, the durability of the girls cross country uniforms land them among the school’s best. Up until this season, the program qualified for the state meet 24 years in a row, wearing the forest green top and shorts that never seem to fade in 13 of those years.

The timeless look of the girls cross country uniform embodies the tradition and long-standing success of its program. As long as Mike Parker is head coach, there seems to be no end in sight for one of the school’s most definitive designs.

Number 4 – Football “Back in Black” (current)

Sean Brown
Finding open space, Evan Flitz ’19 scrambles to gain a first down.

After a runner-up finish in 2017, the football team was feeling vengeful as they dominated opponents in the regular season the following year. Defensive coordinator Tyler Meade made the decision to unveil the black uniforms minutes before kickoff, sending the West High student section into pandemonium as the team took the field to ‘Back in Black’.

The black base meshes perfectly with the green and gold of the lettering, with the iconic gold helmets remaining as a reminder of the program’s first state championship in 1995.

Number 3 – Boys Basketball “Showtime” (’18-’19)

Kara Wagenknecht
Patrick McCaffery ’19 dunks the ball during the second quarter and increases West’s lead to 15 on Sat., Jan. 20.

With one of the more explosive offensive teams in recent memory, the boys basketball team debuted their black jerseys in the 2018-19 season to grand approval. Without the lettering across the chest, this might be tough to peg as a Trojan uniform without any traditional green and gold colors.

With its deviating style, this uniform embraced the black uniform trend to the fullest, giving Trojan fans a unique look to root for as the team soared high above the rim.

Number 2 – Volleyball “For Caroline” (’11-’12)

Actors in the movie ‘The Miracle Season’ wearing West High’s volleyball jerseys from 2011 to 2012.

Following the loss of setter Caroline Found in 2011, the volleyball team pulled off one of the most improbable state championships in school history with the help of these classic white and green uniforms. The look is simple and timeless, incorporating both the gold and green aspects of the school’s colors while also hinting at the program’s future black uniforms.

The design has since been featured in the 2018 film The Miracle Season and immortalized across the country for fans of West High volleyball and the spirit of the 2011 team.

Number 1 – Girls Basketball “Dark Horse” (current)

Kara Wagenknecht
Emma Koch ’19 and Rachael Saunders ’18 run out at the beginning of the game on Fri., March 2.

The girls basketball team’s black uniforms take the top spot on this list for both their symbolism and design. The sleek Nike uniforms are one of the school’s highest quality looks, incorporating the school’s traditional colors with its new black on black design.

The 2018 team entered the state championship against City High as a heavy underdog after losing to the Little Hawks twice in the regular season. The tight-knit group led by head coach BJ Mayer embraced their dark horse label en route to defeating City 56-45 to secure the title while wearing the best West High uniform of the last 20 years.

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