The polar plunge

The polar plunge

Brittani Langland

Landon Shaw is a six-month old baby from Tarkio, Missouri who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that affects the kidneys, liver, lungs and brain. An idea arose from his neighbors after they heard of the diagnosis. The idea was a campaign that asks people to take a plunge into cold water and then challenge three more people to do the same. If they don’t do the challenge in 24 hours, they have to donate 100 dollars. The campaign is called the Polar Plunge and all of the plunges are videotaped. With so many participants, the Polar Plunge has made its way to Iowa. Here you can find a few of the plunges from students and teachers at West.

(All donations can be sent this address: Flower Mill 606 Main Street Tarkio Mo, 64491, or sent to this PAYPAL: [email protected])

Find Mr. Aitken’s polar plunge here.

-By Brittani Langland and Katie Peplow