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Last updated: Tuesday, July 12, 2021

This is an ongoing compilation of former West High athletes who are currently competing at the Division I level in college. If you know of any other alumni who fit this criteria, please contact us at westsidestorypaper@gmail.com

Arizona State University

Ruby Martin ’18- swimming

Army West Point

Cole Mabry ’19 – football

James Pinter ’20 – swimming

Belmont University

Even Brauns ’20 – basketball

Bradley University

Molly Leveille ’13- cross country, track and field

Kolby Greiner ’19 – cross country

Creighton University

Rachel Saunders ’18- basketball

Dartmouth College

Emma Koch ’19 – basketball

Drake University

Mueng Sunday ’13- soccer

Ben Troester ’14- soccer

Alex Andersen ’17- soccer

Madi Ford ’17- volleyball

Chandler Haight ’18- track and field

Brody Schilling ’20 – soccer

Harvard University

Savannah Butler ’13- swimming

Donovan Doyle ’15- wrestling

Will Hoeft ’20 – wrestling

Iowa State University

Conner Greene ’14- football

Alex Kleinow ’17- football

Francis Duggan ’18- wrestling

Ashton Barker ’21 – wrestling

Kansas State University

Brendan Mott ’19 – football

Marquette University 

Jeff Garbut ’18- track and field

North Carolina State University

Mark McGlaughlin ’15- swimming

North Dakota State University

Emily Halverson ’17- volleyball

Northeastern University

Laynie Whitehead ’15- volleyball

Northwestern University

Regan Steigleder ’17- soccer

Oregon State University 

Graham Gambrall ’21 – wrestling

Providence College

Audrey Koch ’21 – basketball

South Dakota State University

Maddie Fay ’17- volleyball

Grahm Goering ’21 – football

Southeast Missouri State University

Colby Greene ’18- volleyball

Stanford University 

Aurora Roghair ’21 – swimming

University of Arizona

Lizzy Slade ’21 – twirling

University of Colorado Boulder

Bailey  Nock ’18- cross country, track and field

University of Colorado Denver

Valerie Welch ’17- track and field

University of Kansas

Emmie Skopec ’15- cross country, track and field

University of Iowa

Ally Disterhoft ’13- basketball

Nick Gallagher ’14- baseball

Daniel Gardarsson ’14- cross country, track and field

Phillip Laux ’14- wrestling

Tereysa Lehnertz ’14- swimming

John Milani ’15- football

Jacintha Thomas ’15- diving

Taylor Libby ’16 – softball

Tia Saunders ’16- cross country, track and field

Will Scott ’16- swimming

Taylor West ’16- rowing

Connor McCaffery ’17- basketball and baseball

Austin West ’18- track and field

Dillon Doyle ’18- football

Logan Cook ’18 – basketball

Nelson Brands ’18 – wrestling

Emily Cray ’19 – rowing

Patrick McCaffery ’19 – basketball

Anastasia Surguladze ’19 – rowing

Marcus Morgan ’21 – baseball

University of Michigan

Emma Cooper ’17- soccer

Oliver Martin ’17- football

University of Missouri

Aidan Keen ’15- swimming

University of Nebraska

Alli Peterson ’14- soccer

University of Northern Iowa

Bailey Wetherell ’13- cross country, track and field

Jeremy Morgan ’13- basketball

Wyatt Lohaus ’14- basketball

Tyler Eads ’15- football

Mikaela Morgan ’15- basketball

Tanner Lohaus ’16- basketball

Katie Olson ’16- soccer

Adara Opiola ’16- softball

Tanner Rohweder ’16- wrestling

Gabby Skopec ’17- cross country, track and field

Cailyn Morgan ’19 – basketball

Peyton Steva ’19 – track and field

Lily Ernst ’20 – swimming

University of South Dakota 

Leah Dusterhoft ’17- throwing

Kaitlyn Housenga ’17- swimming

Jess Skopec ’17- cross country, track and field

University of Tampa

Claire Overton ’19 – beach volleyball

Western Illinois University

Emma Norris ’17- volleyball

Yale University

Deniz Ince ’19 – cross country

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