West Side Story

Join a publication staff — you won’t regret it!

Do you want to be a part of the Trojan Epic or West Side Story? There are two ways you can join:

1. Register for the yearlong English elective foundations of journalism for next year. You receive English credit, and it is open to grades 9-12 (although seniors need instructor permission to register), and you will learn what you need to know to join a publications staff. You will try reporting, photography, graphic design, video/audio editing and other multimedia projects. At the end of the year, you will decide what aspect(s) of journalism you enjoy the most and apply for that job position on West Side Story print, website and/or broadcast staff or the Trojan Epic yearbook staff.
2. Although it’s rare and we give priority to students who take Foundations — sometimes experienced artists, videographers, photographers, business students, web programmers, etc. can skip Foundations and apply to join the broadcast, print, web or yearbook staff. You must submit a portfolio of relevant work with your application to be considered.

Ready to apply?

Fill out the application and submit an online portfolio here. Applications are due April 17 for returning WSS staffers. Applications for new applicants (including current FOJ students) are due May 11. 

-If you are a returning staff member, you’ll need at least three staff members to complete this peer recommendation form.

-Want more information? Click here to read detailed job descriptions, here to see awards and scholarships staffers won or here to read about summer journalism camp opportunities.

Questions? Contact Ms. Whittaker in rooms 111/115 or at [email protected] 

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Join a publication staff — you won’t regret it!