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West Side Story

The student news site of West High School

West Side Story

The student news site of West High School

West Side Story

This section includes work created by students enrolled in Foundations of Journalism, the prerequisite course to joining a publication staff at West High. FOJ students are considered interns and are not West Side Story staff members while enrolled in the yearlong English elective. FOJ students can apply to join a publication staff after completing the course.

A humid, cloudy day in Grenada is made much better by the view from this cliff. This cliff is actually well-known throughout the small island of Grenada because decades ago, native people fighting for their rights against British colonial powers jumped off this cliff to their deaths as a sign of protest.
Young travelers
Ella De Young, Print Assistant Sports Editor

The sun shines on your face, while your feet sink into the squishy sand. You...

To Be Continued: The Many Layers of Netflix
Nicole Lee and Lucybelle Gerlieb

Click Here! Join Lucy and Nicole's final FoJ project in which they made a...

Nature is The Best Art- Twisted branches, naked from winter’s rasp, come the buds of spring.
Hawa Elola’s photo essay
Hawa Elola, WSS Intern

I’ve always loved photography and the way each photo can bring emotion out...

(FOJ Bridges) A Review of Warframe
(FOJ Bridges) A Review of Warframe
Cayden Bridges, WSS Intern

In March of 2013, the open beta for the free-to-play video game “Warframe”...

Lily Prochaskas Opinion Article
Lily Prochaska's Opinion Article
Lily Prochaska, Reporter

As someone who’s struggled with body image, I have experienced the double-edged...

Masks: Helpful or Harmful?
Masks: Helpful or Harmful?
Defne Bayman, Photographer and Designer

Despite being such a helpful tool in the fight against Covid and the road to...

2021 is looking to be the most transphobic year yet

So far this year, 127 anti-transgender bills have be introduced into states...

Representation Done Well
Adithi Anand Rajan, WSS Intern

Over the past decade or so, representation in media has been a widely discussed...

McDonald's Cheese burger vs Popin Cookin Cheese burger
Ijin Shim, Photographer and Videographer

The Bathrooms at West...They Arent the Best.
The Bathrooms at West...They Aren't the Best.
Masha Arshava, Photographer

Climate Change - Facing the Facts, with Lucy

Lucy discusses what causes climate change, how it affects us, and what we can...

Sunshine Season
Sunshine Season
Jane Lam, Reporter

Imagine months full of sunshine, no homework, and a break from your alarm...

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