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The student news source of Iowa City West High

West Side Story

The student news source of Iowa City West High

West Side Story

The student news source of Iowa City West High

West Side Story

This section includes work created by students enrolled in Foundations of Journalism, the prerequisite course to joining a publication staff at West High. FOJ students are considered interns and are not West Side Story staff members while enrolled in the yearlong English elective. FOJ students can apply to join a publication staff after completing the course.

A view of Pump It Ups new space in the new commons area. As part of Pump It Ups rebrand, theyre going to get a new space with locked doors and seating in front. BPA plans to rename Pump It Up and change the colors as well.
Constructing change
Lea Abou Alaiwa, Jake Beneke, Ella Ciliberto, and Colin Wehrle

2024 is a major year of change for schools in the Iowa City Community School...

Summer break: the year-round question
Summer break: the year-round question
Dede Noupougbe, WSS Intern

Stress, physical and mental fatigue, plus mind numbing boredom. Many students...

The problem with period products

Have you ever found it weird to be paying for period products when they’re...

A violent tornado moving through the city of Orchard Iowa on 6/13/2008.
Don't stay scared, stay prepared
Reed Hagan, FOJ student

On March 31, 2023, a horrific tornado outbreak would take place across large...

The Problem With Artificial Intelligence in School
Vin Wardi, Intern

Artificial Intelligence. Is it jeopardizing schools or is it helping? Students...

CD of Avatar the Last Airbender book 1
Reviewing Yangchen books
Vivian Williams, WSS Intern

Mean Girls (2024) promotional image. Credit: Paramount Pictures
'You can't sit with us!': The failure of 'Mean Girls'
Ania Willis, WSS Intern

Introduction Twenty long years after the release of the original movie, “Mean...

Sleeping in for success
Sleeping in for success
Sophia Singh, WSS Intern

The worst feeling is waking up early while it is still pitch black outside,...

Graphic illustrates slang used in todays society.
Loose Language
Lea Abou Alaiwa, WSS Intern

If you’ve ever eavesdropped on a teenage conversation, or even had a conversation...

Trying Crazy Combos
Trying Crazy Combos
Sophie Bergman and Josie Nabhan-Warren

Everybody knows that opposites attract, it's an age-old story. The best couples...

Social skills vs. AI
Nora Banks, WSS intern

AI, is it as good as it seems?  Using AI has caused people to take shortcuts...

Brightening the dark storefront, where Hot & Rolls sign should be, an array of lightbulbs illuminate the night sky. On March 26, I ventured into this dimly lit building to try new Mediterranean Flavors.
Spicing up Iowan Cuisine
Colin Wehrle, WSS Intern

Although there were no signs on the exterior of the dingy gray building,...

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