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This section includes work created by students enrolled in Foundations of Journalism, the prerequisite course to joining a publication staff at West High. FOJ students are considered interns and are not West Side Story staff members while enrolled in the yearlong English elective. FOJ students can apply to join a publication staff after completing the course.

BRINGING VIBRANCE TO THE DARK On a night of curiosity, I try to decide on what to paint for the day. Rather than seeing the color white as a blank canvas, my brother, Ali Khalil, viewed black as a blank canvas. “It’s a lot more beautiful to bring vibrance and color to the dark than to what was already light,” Khalil ‘21 said.
Fia's photo essay
Fia Khalil, FOJ Student

Photography has never really been my thing. Although I am a very artistic person,...

Cayden Bridges Photo Essay
Cayden Bridges Photo Essay
Cayden Bridges, WSS Intern

TDOV: Colorful chalk messages decorate the sidewalks. They are there as reminders that everyone matters.
TDOV: Transgender Day Of Visibility
Jem Alden, WSS Intern

This year there has been a record number of anti-trans bills proposed in the...

The open sign from Aspen Leaf Frozen Yogurt in downtown Iowa City on April 5.
This is a B&W photo I took from a worm’s view.
Ijin Shim downtown photos
ijin shim, WSS Intern

The photos I took are from downtown Iowa City because I wanted to capture the...

The sun shining on a guitar in the music room on a spring day.
Staying off Screens
Briar Martin, WSS Intern

Through my recent travelling, and while with my family, I took the opportunity...

The sun sets over Foxana Drive at 7:33 PM. A particular perk to spring that many look forward to are the longer days caused by the Earth’s tilt towards the sun. “My mood is always higher when the days are longer” Christina Weitz an ELL teacher at West says.
Eleanor's Photo Essay
Eleanor Weitz , WSS Intern

Spring has always been my favorite season. It’s a season of new growth, new...

MUSIC Spinning on an old turntable is Harry Styles’s album “Fine Line.” This album has brought an immense amount of joy into my 2021 experience. Each song has a memory of mine attached to it.
Tessa Gibson's Photo Essay
Tessa Gibson, WSS Intern

My photo essay revolves around the theme of 2021. Each picture shows a different...

Bought in a small scale store in Japan, a pair of shoes that mark the first step into the journey that is my life.
A Childhood Portrayed in Pictures
Huilin Cui, WSS Intern

Although my life has never been significantly interesting, I believe that even...

Nature by Nate
Nature by Nate
Nathan Weimar, FOJ Intern

Nature offers a very wide variety of things to photograph and is always there...

Nao Oya ‘23 along with sophomores Asher Overholt ‘23 and Julianna Mascardo ‘23 finished setting up their picnic featuring cucumber sandwiches, pocky, and homemade milk bread. Afterwards, the three play Cards Against Humanity for hours as they enjoy their delicious food.
Julianna Mascardo's Photo Essay
Julianna Mascardo, WSS Intern

Introduction Paragraph: Despite complicated schedules with the online and in-person...

The Old Capitol building in Iowa City. The view of this old, historic building at sunset is lovely to see.
The Art of Downtown Iowa City
Andy Ham, WSS Intern

When contemplating my theme for this essay, I thought about downtown Iowa City,...

A tall stem looms over the plain grass surrounding it, swaying in the wind as if asking me to be photographed. Hosting minuscule tube-like bulbs, I can smell spring in the air.
A New Beginning
Kamakshee Kuchhal, "From the Archives" Columnist

With a bad history of photographs and cameras (including accidentally breaking...

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