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Breese in 1996 with the Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 4.
Life After a Trojan: from Iowa City to soaring to new possibilities
Paige Albright, Reporter

In this installment of Life After a Trojan, host Paige Albright '23 speaks with...

In the first WSS Behind the Cover, the staffers who worked on "Indigenous in ICCSD" break down their creative process.
Behind the Cover: Indigenous in ICCSD
Kailey Gee, Ella Rosenthal, Hanah Kitamoto, and Rosemary Timmer-Hackert

In the first episode of Behind the Cover, WSS staffers Kailey Gee '22, Hanah...

The Japanese dish udon is important in Nao Oya
A look into Japanese food and culture
Annie Schwartz and Helelia Wa Kalala

While living in America, Nao Oya ’23 stays connected to her Japanese culture...

Whether they voted or not, West students are opinionated about the results of the 2020 election.
Students react to the 2020 election
Alex Carlon, Online Editor-in-Chief

Whether they were making their voices heard by casting a ballot or advocating...

WSS Weebs logo
WSS Weebs episode 2: a discussion with Mr. Conner
Sam Westergaard, Photographer and Videographer

WSS Weebs host Sam Westergaard '21 interviews West science teacher and anime...

This episode of No Cap Recap discusses the end of fall sports season.
No cap recap: postseason
Owen Aanestad and Camille Gretter

On this episode of the No Cap Recap WSS sports editors Owen Aanestad '22 and...

A day in the life: online vs. hybrid
Helelia Wa Kalala, Videographer

Though students enrolled in the ICSSD PK-12 Online Learning Program and those...

For her country
For her country
Athena Wu, WSS Intern

On June 3, 2019, the Khartoum Massacre took place in the capital city of Sudan. Protestors...

WSS staffers quit social media for a week
Helelia Wa Kalala and Caroline Mascardo

  In this video, WSS staffers Caroline Mascardo ’22 and Helelia Wa...

In this election day podcast, Renee Gould
West Side Radio: 2020 pre-election overview
Renee Gould, Reporter

The West Side Story · West Side Radio: 2020 pre - election overview

A Joe Biden campaign sign sits in a Coralville lawn.
Power to the people: 2020 election preview
Alex Carlon, Maddy Smith, and Abby McKeone

After what feels like years of campaigning, the 2020 presidential election is...

Katie Milani
Life After a Trojan: from the halls of West to Radio City Music Hall
Paige Albright, Reporter

Katie Milani graduated from West High in 2013, having had a quintessential Trojan...

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