Fashion Friday: Nisha Coney ’16


Nick Deerberg, Photographer

Juggling long school days, 30 hours of work a week, and all the other stresses of teenage life, it can be hard to take time to look classy while you’re doing it. Nisha Coney ’16 manages to find time to do all of these activities and look nice. West Side Story asks her about her style.


West Side Story: What are your favorite places to shop in the area?

Nisha Coney ‘16: Here, I like shopping at Forever 21 because they have really cute clothes and it’s really affordable. They have a range of different stuff.


WSS: Where are your favorite places to shop outside of the area?

NC: I like shopping at Pac-Sun, Urban Outfitters, and Urban Outfitters is a little pricey but they have really cute stuff. You can find good things at any stores.

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WSS: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

NC: I like going on instagram and looking at fashion accounts like Free People because they have really cute styles.

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WSS: Describe your style.

NC: I don’t have a certain style. I just wear whatever I like that looks good.

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WSS: How often do you add to your wardrobe?

NC: That depends on how distracted I am from school. I do like to go to the mall at least twice a month.

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WSS: Why do you dress the way you do?

NC: I really like standing out and I also really love expressing myself through fashion and this is the perfect way to do both.

WSS: How does your style reflect your lifestyle?

NC: I’m all over the place. My fashion is kind of all over the place too. I tend to wear whatever goes with my mood [or] how I’m feeling that day.

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WSS: What’s some advice for people trying to find their style?

NC: If you’re trying to find your personal style, just wear whatever makes you feel good. Don’t just wear what everyone else is wearing.

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