1 in 2000: Magge Krizan ’16


Cameron Cook, Reporter / Videographer

Ever since she was a little girl borrowing her mother’s camera, Magge Krizan ’16 has loved taking pictures.
“I used to just take pictures of half my face or a picture that was already taken,” Krizan said. For her sixteenth birthday, Krizan asked for and received her own camera. Since then, she has had more of a focus to her photography.
Krizan’s favorite location is downtown Iowa City, and her most common subjects include herself, her friends and the outdoors.
“I like rain and dew drops on things, and just nature,” Krizan said. While she invests time and energy in her photography, Krizan doesn’t want to use her skills to make money.
“I [used to] think it would be cool to have a career in photography,” Krizan said, “but now I just kind of do it for fun.”
For now, Krizan will focus on school, watching Netflix and taking more pictures.
“I want to be able to remember it other days,” Krizan said. “And [be able to] capture moments and be able to look through pictures and remember how beautiful things are.”


Photos by Magge Krizan

Blur dowtown


Dirt Bikes

Field of Dreams

Light-y stuff


Sombrero Man