School evacuates due to bomb threat


Students and staff were evacuated from school today due to a bomb threat. A 911 call was made reporting an explosive device at school at 8:40 a.m., according to Iowa City police Sgt. Scott Gaarde. After the gym was swept and declared clear of any dangers, students were brought to the gym and bused the the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Center.

Parents were allowed to pick up their children until 11:20 at the HTRC, and the remaining students were bused home, according to an email sent to parents by principal Gregg Shoultz.

Students were then allowed to pick up their cars if needed. After school activities were carried on as usual, with some exceptions, said Athletic Director Scott Kibby. The freshman girls basketball game against Kennedy was postponed because the school did not want to move student’s personal property. The freshman boy’s basketball game was cancelled.

Kibby went on to thank students, staff and University workers Michelle Harder and Michelle Conlon for their cooperation during the evacuation.

“On days like today it’s a reminder to many of us how blessed we are to have the students, staff, parents and community support that we have,” Kibby said.