Self-expressing through sculpting

With her passion for art setting off just this year, Maija Luttinger explains how art has allowed her to grow in different ways and express who she is.


Abby Jans, Broadcast Producer

Maija Luttinger ’16 has always had an interest in art, but it wasn’t until first trimester this year that she actually got to have a hands-on experience with it. Her opportunity to practice art herself rather than just observe it allowed her to figure out what form of art she especially enjoys, which is sculpting.

“All of [my sculptures] have been based on my own relationships, which is actually the focus of my AP art portfolio; a relationship study on the different relationships people develop over time and how those relationships evolve,” Luttinger said.

Luttinger’s art portfolio includes a mother-child piece and many romantic pieces. She feels a strong connection with how it allows her to express herself.

“I think [sculpting] teaches you a lot about yourself. It’s just very positive, it’s not pass or fail . . . it’s totally about you,” she said.

Luttinger has around twenty art pieces, including other works of art besides sculptures. She has several art pieces that are currently in an art show, one that’s inspired by Vincent Van Gogh and another that she has named “Normal Romantic Relationship Progression.” This specific art piece is a huge part of how she uses her art to show relationships and how they work through life.

Aside from art, Luttinger also enjoys horseback riding, hanging out with her friends and boyfriend, music and reading.

Luttinger appreciates all forms of art, finding each of them amazing. She’s attending the University of Iowa after she graduates and is planning on double majoring in fine arts and psychology.

“I’m probably going to do a sculpture [class] . . . They don’t really have a design school so probably after my first year I’ll end up going somewhere like The Fashion Institute (FIT) or something like that if I could. That would be a dream come true,” Luttinger said.

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Maija Luttinger's Art
Photo credits to Maija Luttinger.