Fashion and friendship Friday

Sophomore best friends Angie Zirbes and Bailey Raso have bonded over their love of self-expression and fashion.

Paige Brazina, Design Editor

WSS: How did you meet?

Angie Zirbes ’18: We met last year and we just really clicked. We kind of lost contact until this year when we had classes and lunch together. Now we are really great friends. I mean, we even have a secret language now.

Bailey Raso ’18: We met last year but we have gotten to know each other better and have become good friends this year because we have had lunch and classes together. 


WSS: How would you describe your style?

AZ: I honestly don’t know. It really varies on my mood or how lazy I am in the morning. Sometimes I go chic or vintage. Other days I just go for an outfit that sticks out a little more.

BR: Retro and Bohemian chic. I love dresses with floral print and retro 50s and swing dresses


WSS: Where do you like to shop?

AZ: Ragstock is my go to place. All of my clothes are either from there, H&M or random little local stores. I occasionally shop online, but stuff always comes back too big.

BR: I like to shop at places like Target, Forever 21, and Ragstock.


WSS: Why do you like to shop at these places?

AZ: I really love Ragstock because some of their stuff is second hand and it’s pretty reasonable in price. I think that old clothing has soul. Especially older jackets and sweaters. I mean, think about all the adventures they must have gone on! I’m always moving around and going outdoors so sometimes it’s better to find something to wear that I don’t really mind if I get paint or dirt on it.

BR: I love to shop for cute things that are reasonable in price! It is good to find something that you feel confident in that does not cost much.


WSS: Are there any local places that you like to go to?

AZ: Ragstock, White Rabbit and Revival.

BR: White Rabbit has really cute clothes. I like to shop there when I go downtown.


WSS: Do you ever shop together?

AZ: We go downtown a ton. Our first stop is usually Ragstock.

BR: Yeah, we love to go to Ragstock together. When we go downtown we always stop in there!


WSS: Do you have any advice for people finding their style?

AZ: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Switch things up. Mix colors, be unique. Stand out, don’t blend.

BR: Try some different outfits that are out of your comfort zone. In doing this, you may find certain pieces that you like and fit what you are looking for. And in the end, wear whatever you want. My favorite quote is by Dr. Seuss;Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. Also do not be afraid to mix genres to define your own style.

WSS: What is your go-to outfit?

AZ: Leggings and a crop top with an old jacket. I always add in some spunky socks here and there and my favorite old boots.

BR: My go to outfit is a nice and comfortable flow-y dress with some flats and a floppy hat. It is very comfortable but also very cute.


WSS: Do you have a favorite piece of clothing?

AZ: I have this huge cardigan that belonged to my [chinese grandmother] lao lao.  It’s a light tan color and really artsy. She used to wear it a lot before she passed. It’s warm and it reminds me of her.

BR: I have a long bohemian print dress with slits on the side. It is one of my go-to outfits. I love how comfy it is.


WSS: What is your favorite accessory?

AZ: I have a pair of vibrant socks that have a really cool geometric pattern on them. They’re a bit odd, but I think that’s the best way to go.

BR: I really love my floppy hat. If I am having a bad hair day, I can just throw on the hat and it looks cute with anything.


WSS: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

AZ: Sometimes I see some really cool street style in Iowa City. I think local people really inspire me. We live in a really artistic environment and I think that’s really awesome.

BR: I do not really have a certain idol where I get my inspiration but I just really love the look and style of boho [or] hippie outfits.


WSS: Do you think you influence each other’s fashion sense?

AZ: Yes! Bailey and I shop together a lot so sometimes we pick out stuff for each other to try on. Sometimes we just goof off but those ridiculous suggestions turn into actual outfit ideas. I seriously love Bailey’s hippie style. It’s super unique and amazing. I absolutely get inspiration from her, even if our styles are pretty different.

BR: One of our outfits that we took  both had a retro theme…We do like similar styles. I love Angie’s style as well, love her socks and I definitely get some inspiration from her.


WSS: Do you have a favorite clothing season?

AZ: Hmm. Late summer, early fall. I love getting back into cozy sweaters and leggings but also still being able to pull off shorts.

BR: I love spring for clothing. I love wearing bright colors that just brightens up my day. I also really like fall, too. I have hazel eyes and my go-to colors for the fall season are greens and auburn colors which complement my eyes.


WSS: What is a fashion no-no?

AZ: There really aren’t any fashion no-no’s. I think fashion is all about pushing the boundaries and creating something unique to you. One person might hate a look but another might love it. It’s all opinion.

BR: I don’t really have a fashion no-no. I like to see people’s personalities shine through there outfits and everyone has a unique style which is what I love about fashion.


WSS: Has your style changed over the years?

AZ: I didn’t really get into fashion until late last year. Before then, I was really involved in sports so I wore athletic shorts and t-shirts. This year, I think I am getting more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve been experimenting more, and I think I have found a style that matches my quirky personality.

BR: Not really. I have stuck with the bohemian style but I have been getting into retro style more!


WSS: How does your lifestyle influence your fashion?

AZ: I paint tons and do a lot of art with messy mediums. There’s at least a fleck of paint or something on everything I own. That’s why I never really spend that much money on brand new clothing; I know sooner or later there will be a splotch of paint on it somewhere. It doesn’t really bother me though, I think it makes it unique.

BR: I try to have a cheerful outlook. I like to make others happy and I love happy colors and patterns for my clothes.


WSS: How do you think your style is different from others?

AZ: I wear things that are old and outdated. Some of my stuff was actually my mom’s in college. She doesn’t wear them much but they’re so different from things in store now days that you’ll never be able to find some of the odd things I have in my closet. My favorite pair of boots are about 20 years old and I have a jacket that was my dad’s from grad school. I’ve got skirts that distant relatives from China used to wear to college that look super odd and vintage.  

BR: I think that I wear more dresses and skirts more than some others. I think that they are pretty comfortable.


WSS: How did you get into fashion?

AZ: I really love being able to show who I am through what I wear, even if there are holes or little buttons I’ve had to miss match and resew onto jackets. It shows soul and variety.

BR: I just really love clothes and shopping and I like expressing myself in a unique style.


WSS: What is your favorite part about dressing up?

AZ: I love being able to express myself  just with clothing. It shows you’re different from other people because it’s so unique.

BR: It makes me feel confident. When I am happy I hope that I can share that energy with others.


WSS: How do you think your style reflects your personality?

AZ: I think my style reflects my personality because it’s a little bit unconventional at times. Sometimes my style changes, and I really like being able to switch things up a bit. I am really spontaneous, so sometimes my outfits are just kind of ready for anything, whether it be a random trip for doughnuts or visiting a forest in a moment’s notice. My clothing is unique, quirky and sometimes a bit random, just the way I like it.

BR: I love being able to be unapologetically myself and confident and I think that my style reflects that. I believe that being different is what makes people special and I like being able to express different aspects of my personality simply through color or simply a change of shoes. 


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Angie & Bailey Fashion by Paige Brazina

Photos by Paige Brazina.