Athletic Director Scott Kibby to be Liberty High principal

Kibby will begin the 2017-2018 school year as the principal of Liberty High School.


Nina Elkadi, Print Editor-in-Chief

Current West High Athletic Director Scott Kibby was recently nominated for the position of principal at Liberty High. At the school board meeting on March 22nd, the nomination was approved.

Kibby’s cheerful personality will continue to be present in the halls of Liberty High.

“That part of the community is excited to have their own school, and there is energy there,” he said. “I try to be positive and upbeat, and to me [Liberty] is a nice fit.” 

Although Kibby is looking forward to his new position, he will miss the community at West.

“I’m excited. The opportunity to start something fresh and build our own culture and climate is neat. The downside is that I’m leaving here,” Kibby said.  “I love West High, I love the kids, I love the coaches, I love the staff; there is a little bittersweet part in that.”