Students complete shed for West teacher

Students in the industrial technology program completed a shed for West teacher Marianne McGrane.


Fenna Semken, Online Editor-in-Chief

Construction Skills Students finished their final project of the year, completing a shed for Marianne McGrane.

“[She] wanted a shed and the ones at the store were to expensive so she asked us if we could help and I said okay, and I went out and took pictures of their project,” said industrial technology teacher Brian Martz. “So we got this down to about 2000 dollars less and [the company who made the design] are going to come and move it up to her house in North Liberty.”

The project took 15 students to work on it and four and a half weeks to finish. Martz believes that the project is a great way for students to get prepared for their future.

“I am trying to help kids build their confidence and learn how to do some things on their own and not have to pay someone else to do something for them that they can easily do,” Martz said.