Fashion and friendship Friday: Taylor and Issy

Best friends Isabelle Gray and Taylor Grider share their love for fashion in this weeks Fashion Friday.

Fenna Semken , Online Editor-in-Chief


Best friends Taylor Grider ’18 and Isabelle Gray ’18 have a lot in common, including their love for trendy, simple fashion.

Their friendship kicked off after meeting during their first year of high school.

“We met in freshman year when we had a class together, and we ate lunch together because of a mutual friend,” Gray said. “We used to have dance together in fourth grade but we didn’t talk at all then.”

Sharing a taste in clothing stores, they bonded and became best friends. 

“I like to shop at Hollister, American Eagle, Forever 21, Pink and Scheels,” Grider said. “I like the seasonal changes, the colors and I like that all the clothes are comfortable.”

Gray, comparing her list, has just one difference.

“I am the same except I like Rue21 because there is a variety of styles for all seasons,” Gray said. “We shop at American Eagle together.”

And not only do they share favorite stores, but they both are quite similar in the idea of their style.

“I am kind of the same, I’m comfortable and I don’t like to stand out. I like to blend in but look my best at the same time,” Grider said. “[I am] understated. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry and loud outfits. I would never be comfortable in that sort of clothing, so it is more a down to earth style, which says that I don’t want to be the center because of what I’m wearing. And it shows that I am more casual and more of a behind the scenes person, and I am not trying to get someone’s attention.”

Going off of the want to be comfortable and quite, Gray agrees that it is a part of her style.

“I’m not a tom boy but I’m also not super pretty every day. I am just comfy and casual” Gray said, “ Honestly, I would say that it a pretty basic style. It’s not an eye-catching sort of ‘look at me’ look, but it’s trendy and it shows I’m a simple and casual person who is into wearing trendy outfits, but isn’t super extreme.”

These similar styles play a significant part in both Grider and Gray’s lifestyles.

“I wear what I need for my daily life,” Grider said. “If I am babysitting after school then I will probably wear something really comfortable that I’m not worried about getting gross. That way you don’t have to worry about ruining a pair of jeans. I also wear Nike stuff for track and running.”

Gray has the same mindset and dresses for the activities daily.

“I wear what I feel like wearing, but for dance if I wear a loose shirt like a spirit jersey, that way I don’t have to change,” Gray said.

Fashion styles reside largely in the season, which both friends have strong opinions about.

“I love winter fashion because you can be dressy or you can wear a big sweater and leggings and feel comfortable,” Gray said. “And I love layers.”

Grider differs, choosing autumn as her go-to fashion season.

“I really like fall because of the colors, they aren’t spring colors but they are close. I like jeans and I feel like neutral colors really fit me, which is what I can wear in fall.”

While both Grider and Gray have distinct personal fashion senses, they also have advice for those looking to find their style like they did.

“Just try different outfits on and try new things,” Gray said. “Whatever you are most comfortable in is what you should get.”

Grider agrees, believing that comfort is key.

“Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable, and just be you.”