Way back Wednesday – dress code

Every Wednesday, Taylor Shelfo will be sharing information from past West Side Story articles.


Taylor Shelfo, Broadcast Anchor

As many of you may have heard in very assembly and every student handbook in all of your school years, never violate the dress code. No spaghetti straps, no articles that promote drugs or alcohol, shorts and skirts must be to the tip of your middle finger (and no tall girls with long arms, you are not excused from this rule), and of course no midriff. Though this dress code may seem strict (even though most of west doesn’t pay particular attention to it), it’s not nearly as bad as it could be. On April 2 1969, Principal Edwin K. Barker announced the new dress code to the student body.

“The dress code should basically be a guide for the student body with as few actual restrictions as possible which will insure a reasonable appearance on the part of our student body,” said Barker.

  1. All students are to wear shoes. Sandals are interpreted as shoes; thongs are not.
  2. Garments with frayed sleeves and legs may not be worn.
  3. No obscene buttons or sayings, or alcoholic beverage advertising may be worn on clothing.
  4. Boys – Long trousers must be worn. (Bermuda shorts will be permitted during test week of the second semester).
  5. Girls may not come to school with their hair in pins or curlers.  

    It is also our responsibility to recognize the individuality of our students. It is further recognized by this school that its responsibilities and concerns transcend the actual academic accomplishments of its formal curriculum.”

    — Prinicpal, Edwin K. Barker

Gee, I didn’t know Bermuda shorts weren’t an acceptable item, but hey, at least we get that one week during testing–if they’re that distracting, wouldn’t testing be the one time to not wear them? C’mon 70’s faculty, get it together.

Also, did girls actually come to school with curlers in their hair so often they had to tell them not to? Don’t people just sleep in those, not wear them all day? What a time to be alive.

But the real kicker is that thongs are not acceptable footwear. I find that name so hilarious, i’m so glad we call them flip flops now.

That’s it for this week, check back next Wednesday to see the fine arts from past West high alumni.