Freshman 5¢: Anshul Gowda


Eleanor Ho, Opinion and Blogs Editor

WSS: How have the first two weeks of school been?

AG: It’s been crazy and hectic. I’m trying out for varsity tennis, so it’s been pretty tough. The homework we’ve got; it’s not like junior high homework which was like 30 minutes tops. This is more like two hours. It’s a lot different from last year.



WSS: How are your teachers?

AG: My favorites are Ms. Meyer and Mr. Butler. Mr. Butler, he’s energetic; he’s fun to be around; his class is exciting. Ms. Meyer, she just knows how to teach, and she wants to know if you’re doing well and if you need help, and that’s the best part.


WSS: What’s been challenging you about high school?

AG: The part where you realize you’re getting older.  Before, everything was easy and you were younger, but suddenly in four years you’re going to go to college. That’s pretty scary. The homework and making your own schedule has been challenging too, but starting high school and college and thinking about the future are the hardest parts.


WSS: What’s different that sticks out to you?

AG: Northwest was really strict. The teachers weren’t as lenient, but here you can get here at 7:45, hang out, walk around and do whatever you want. My favorite part about lunch is you can eat outside. The options you have is my favorite part.


WSS: Thoughts on early release controversy because of the heat?

AG: The way I see it, the classrooms are unbearably hot. Most of the classrooms on the second floor are unairconditioned, and most of my classes are there. I almost felt sick in English class because it was so hot, and going outside too, it’s impossible because it’s so humid outside. I think it was a good decision on [Murley’s] part.


WSS: Thoughts on academic focus time (AFT)?

AG: I understand upperclassmen being unhappy with it if they have seventh open, and I don’t think it’s a great idea. No one’s gonna focus for that long, either. I think they should give you other activities to do; if you play a sport you could practice, or other school activities.


Infographic by Leah Dusterhoft.