The QB question

This year, the football team is off to a strong start winning their first three games. However, while Evan Flitz ’18 has started in each game, coach Garrett Hartwig admits that the decision has been a tough one, as Ethan Postler ’18 and Flitz have been competing for the starting position. West Side Story looks into the differences between the two and also the process that goes into choosing the starter for each game.

The QB question

Fortunately yet unfortunately, head football coach Garrett Hartwig has a difficult decision to make before every game. With two different quarterbacks, Evan Flitz ‘18 and Ethan Postler ‘18, Hartwig has to make the tough call every week .

“They play different games, what I mean by that is one of them has a physical tool set that the other one does not have. One of them is a little bit taller, the other one is a little bit more mobile. But both of them are very good quarterbacks,” Hartwig said.

Although talent is very important, there are still many other aspects that affect who is chosen to be the starter at each game throughout the season.

It’s the highest profile in all of sports, in my opinion. You have to behave yourself in a certain way, whether it’s in the classroom or in the community and certainly on the field.”

— Garrett Hartwig, head football coach

“There are a lot of things I look for. Accountability, number one; that covers a lot of things. Accountability on and off the field, understanding the offense first and foremost. Being able to throw the ball; you have to have the physical tools but you also have to be a good leader. You have to have on-the-field control of the huddle and the ability to make plays. Off the field, I mean, the quarterback is the quarterback. It’s the highest profile in all of sports, in my opinion. You have to behave yourself in a certain way, whether it’s in the classroom or in the community and certainly on the field,” Hartwig said.

Ever since fifth grade, Ethan Postler ‘18 knew that he wanted to be a quarterback. This year, Postler may get the chance to play this position for a ranked team.

“I’ve been playing ever since I could remember, really. I mean, I started playing tackle football in fifth grade and I decided right away that I wanted to play quarterback,” said Postler.

Throughout the years, Postler’s older brother, Austin, has been his biggest mentor and supporter.

“My brother Austin, who played at Iowa, has been my biggest mentor. I call him a lot and he gives me a lot of advice.”

With the help from his brother and also extensive coaching, Postler has been able to drastically improve since last year.

“I think I have improved most on my decision making. I have never really had trouble throwing the ball, but it’s just been decision making. I think I have improved a lot but there is still improvement left, ” Postler said.

As the current starting quarterback, Evan Flitz ‘18 has stood up as a leader on the team as only a junior. Hard work during summer training has led Flitz to major improvement and also to the starting position during previous games.

“I’ve gotten a lot better at reading the defense and gotten a lot stronger. We did passing leagues over the summer and went to the weight room about everyday,” Flitz said.

Although performance during games is important, Hartwig values practice immensely when deciding on his starters for the week.

“Every week we go in with an open competition for all spots. That’s for the guy who is fighting to get on a special team, to the guy who’s been a three-year starter. They have to earn their spot every week,” Hartwig said.

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Video by Michael Moonjely and Kristina Rosebrook