Fashion Friday: Thomas Wagner

Thomas Wagner ’18 showcases his musician fashion story.

Teresa Knecht, Photographer

West Side Story: How would you describe your style?

Thomas Wagner:  Like a 1920’s jazz musician. More suits, more bow ties and more fancier things than your normal khakis and button up shirt – like a suit and a bow tie.


WSS: What does fashion mean to you?

TW: Fashion, to me, means just looking good. When you look good you feel good. That’s a good thing you have. When you’re having a bad day and look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, “you’re looking pretty good today,” you feel pretty good. There are no rules to fashion just merely guidelines. It’s more like you look good in it.


WSS: Any advice for people finding their style?

TW: Wear what you wanna wear is good. I feel like that’s good. Go with what you think looks good on you. Wearing what you wanna wear is alright but if you say to yourself that you look good in this, then you look good. Then just wear it. Because if you look good, you look good. What’s wrong with looking good.


WSS: What would you say your style says about you?

TW: It says that despite wearing normal clothes everyday we still have time to dress up and be fancy. I would say so that my style reflects on who I am. I like going to concerts and musicals; the normal concert attire is a button up shirt with a jacket and dress pants. I feel like that kids in high school are scared of dressing up.


WSS: Would you say you stand out compared to other people at West High?

TW:  I would say so. When you have a sea of skinny jeans and converse and all these other things then you see someone in a suit walking down in the hallways people you’re a teacher because you dress so well.


WSS: How did your style evolve to what it is now?

TW: It all started with Fancy Fridays back in Junior High because me and my friend Diego jokingly started it. Fancy Fridays was as joke and we wear it on every other Friday. Then we were like, “let’s wear a suit!” I was like may as well continue it, so I did.


WSS: Do you draw your fashion sense from anyone?

TW:  James Bond because he has a lot of blacks with stain.


WSS: How would you define fashion?

TW:  Wearing a style that is unique to other styles.


WSS: What is your go to outfit?

TW: I do not wear suits and bow ties everyday, that would be awful for my laundry machine. But I would just wear them every Friday. Normally I would wear jeans, just like normal clothes.