Memory Monday: a Halloween flashback

Memories of childhood Halloween costumes fill some students minds.

Maggie Terry, Reporter

Do you remember how important your Halloween costume was when you were little? West Side Story asked someone about their first Halloween costume.

14795747_315513482153633_1204455861_oAnaya McCutcheon ’17 remembers her first Halloween costume fondly.

“My first Halloween costume that I can actually remember was a clown. Back when I lived in Illinois, I dressed up as a really cute clown, it wasn’t like a scary clown, that people are dressing up now, but half my face was black and half my face was white and I had the red cheeks and red nose and the rainbow afro. And my clown costume [one side] was black [and one side] was white. And my brother was a moral combat character, I don’t remember which one,” McCutcheon said.

Ah, to be back in a time back when clowns were an acceptable costume.