Way back Wednesday – UFO

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Taylor Shelfo, Broadcast Anchor

Do you believe in ghosts? Leprechauns? What about alien life forms? In the late 70s, several accounts of alien encounters were reported across the nation.

In Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a plane was lost over the Atlantic, so their control specialists sent a rescue plane. Once it arrived, the signal message received was “Don’t come after us — they look like they’re from outer space!” Both the original and rescue plane disappeared and left no trace.

In Pascagoula, Mississippi, two shipyard workers spotted a blue space-craft on the water manned by “beings with wrinkled skin, pointed ears, eye slits, and holes below their sharp noses.” Everyone believed they were delirious and making fun, so they called in a hypnosis from Berkeley who concluded that the experience was, in fact, very real.

Many people are relating these occurrences with disappearances near the Bermuda Triangle, especially since the evidence of a true mystery is scarce.

In Alabama, multiple people in a neighborhood called the sheriff about something stuck in a tree that seemed unusual. In the tree, he found the Book of Ezekiel that “released a stormy wind into the north and brightness and flashing around the gleaming bronze book.”

What’s really scary is when this concept of alien life forms really hits home. In 1972, Donalds Slaikeu from Goldfield, Iowa discovered a four foot square depression on his farm with a row of small holes that wilted all the crops with silver dust. After revealing this to the police and media, Wright County sheriff confirmed it was an unusual case of lightning strike. Slaikeu denied this on account that he has seen strikes before and that definitely wasn’t the case. He never believed in UFOs until he had witnessed it firsthand.

At West, a boy’s mother encountered an aircraft with four blinking lights in the form of a square that wasn’t emitting any sounds or even moving. After frantically calling the authorities, it was confirmed that it was just the sun reflecting off the telephone wires.

It’s mind-boggling to think that there could be other life forms out there, either just like us, or completely threatening. Until it’s proven, I’ll stay away from alien movies for quite a while.