West aces math competition


By now, the West High Math Team has added, subtracted, multiplied and dived their way to just about every honor posible, and Saturday was no different, as the Trojans worked their way to a strong second-place finish at a Cedar Rapids Jefferson tournament. The Trojans finished just 17 points behind Central High School despite having significantly fewer participants.

Leading the way for the Trojans was Brian Choi ’12, who placed first in both the Sprint and Target rounds.

“I spend a lot of time practicing the types of problems they have at the tournaments,” said Choi. “I think it also helped that I’m taking AMPS (the Art of Math Problem Solving, a math course offered at West). It’s a great opportunity to spend time learning interesting ways to solve those types of problems.”

The junior varsity team was also very successful, coming in second to Lin Marr by just 2/3 of a point.