Graze: A unique eating experience.


People don’t always tend to get the best image when they hear the term “Chicken Lips,” but those who are familiar with the Iowa City sit-down restaurant, Graze, begin to drool with hunger. Graze, according to their website, is home of the food guru. One can feast upon a large variety of main dishes, unique side dishes, and desserts.
The most well-known dish, though, is Chicken Lips. No, they’re not actually the lips from chickens, because obviously, chickens don’t have lips. The dish is described as being “voluptuous boneless chicken breast, hand-breaded, dipped in Hot Lip Sauce and served with Budweiser Blue Cheese. “ Somewhat like buffalo wings, but with an extra kick.
There are a lot of different main dish categories. The first being Sushi Rolls (Price range: $7-$11) such as Crispy Shrimp, Salmon and Crème Cheese, and Mango Tuna. In the Steaks, Chops, and Chicken category (Price range: $8-$20) dishes range between Steak Bruschetta, Chicken Breast, and Caribbean Pork Chop. Then there’s Pasta for Sharing (Price range: $13-$16) with dishes such as Red Curry Seafood, Tomato Basil Penne, and Carbonara. Want a taste of the ocean? The seafood category ($6-$17) has a variety of fish such as Broiled Salmon, Super Duper Shrimp on a Stick, and Sesame Tuna.
Then to my favorite category: Sliders & Stuff. This has my all-time favorite dish; I loved it so much I went home and tried to make it myself. It’s called the Big Island Slider. This dish consists of spicy chicken sliders with Graze’s signature Big Island coleslaw and a mango mayo. You don’t know how good it is until you have it. Other sliders and stuff (Price range: $3-$12) consist of a variety of the Kazu Sliders, Mac and Cheese, and Hot Shrimp and Crab Dip. The restaurant also features a large selection of veggie sides and salads.
The most unique part of this food guru experience is the Grazing technique they developed. They offer the Grazing 101 ($16 per person, four person minimum), which offers World Famous Chicken Lips, Tomato Pesto Bruschetta, Mediterranean Salad, Big Island Sliders, and Big Ass Ice Cream Pie. Then comes the Advanced Grazing ($19 per person, four person minimum) offering two sushi rolls (Californication and Sumo), Red Curry Seafood Pasta, Dim Sum Green Beans, and Steak Bruschetta. And finnaly, the biggest of all grazing choices: The Grazing Feast ($27 per person, four person minimum), this feast comes with Chicken Lips, Pasta Carbonara, Asparagus, Caribbean Pork Chops (sliced), Brown Sugar Salmon, and Big Ass Ice Cream Pie. This fascinating, and delectable eating experience is a “must-eat.”
Although the dishes sound weird, it’s not the oddness of the food that makes it good, but the uniqueness. It never hurts to try new food.