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Movies to watch over Thanksgiving break

Edward Keen, Arts Editor and Copy Editor

November 23, 2019

Thanksgiving break is the first of two breaks the end of the year will have to offer, alongside a two-week departure from schoolwork that comes with winter vacation. Many will utilize this time off to catch up on books and movies that went over their heads in recent times due to the underlying stress of...

Jewelry Fashion Friday: Frances Blount ’21

Aditi Borde, Photo Editor

November 22, 2019

  West Side Story (WSS): Where do you get most of your jewelry? Frances Blount (FB): I buy some of it from online Instagram stores. A lot of my friends from California sell earrings that look super cool and unique, and I like supporting their businesses. WSS: How does your style repres...

Custodial catastrophes

West's custodians have faced a multitude of catastrophes ranging from loose animals to flooded locker rooms.

Annabel Hendrickson, Reporter

November 19, 2019

From mopping up spills to fixing maintenance problems, it’s no secret that custodians play a pivotal role in maintaining a clean environment at West. As crucial as their job is, however, these custodians sometimes have to face messes on par with the grossest of horror movies. Here’s just a few of...

IC Speaks holds live spoken word performance

The announcement made by Caleb Rainy on Instagram to promote the show.

Renee Gould, Book Critic, Reporter

November 17, 2019

You pass the curtain, walking out onto the wooden stage under the glow of purple lights. The large room in front of you is dark, and a small tremor runs through you, nerves roaring as you inhale slowly, a hundred words resting on the tip of your tongue. Your mind flashes between words and actions that ...

TikTok takeover

TikTok takeover

Wylan Gao, Reporter

November 15, 2019

Since the school year began, West High students have been found scrolling through their phones and looking at short clips of songs on the trending page of TikTok in the library, cafeteria and classrooms. These have downloaded the mobile application the social media platform, which mixes music, dancing, lip s...

“Muslim Stories, Muslim Authors” in West’s library

Renee Gould '22 sitting next to the library display.

Renee Gould, Book Critic, Reporter

November 14, 2019

Students walking past the library windows may catch a glance of curling gold lettering and brightly-colored book covers on the latest book display. These next few weeks, the library is showcasing books written by Muslim authors, and specifically books featuring Muslim protagonists.  This fol...

“Jojo Rabbit” is a powerhouse of comedy and emotion

Taika Waititi plays an imaginary Hitler in this hard-hitting Holocaust satire.

Edward Keen, Arts Editor and Copy Editor

November 11, 2019

Taika Waititi has proven himself again and again to be one of Hollywood’s greatest tour de force directors of delightfully bizarre arthouse films that tread the line between drama and full-on comedy. Viewers that have followed him closely through his slow rise may attribute his name to the mockumentary “What W...

What to expect from Disney+

Disney+ is the next big project for Disney and will offer a variety of shows and movies.

Edward Keen, Arts Editor and Copy Editor

November 9, 2019

In its latest ploy to attain full-scale dominion, Disney has set out to formulate their very own on-demand streaming service to go head to head with the likes of Netflix and Hulu. The origins of the service date back to 2016, but it wasn’t until two years later when Disney CEO Bob Iger divulged sk...

The art of açaí

The art of açaí

Misha Canin, Reporter

November 9, 2019

You might have heard of them as "fruit soup," "basically a smoothie parfait," or "just a smoothie in a bowl." What they're really called are acai bowls, the newest food trend taking Instagram by storm. Here are the most popular spots to find them in Iowa City, each ranked from best to worst along will...

Film club to show “Ghostbusters” for their first fundraiser of the year

A very busy afternoon in film club for several students who are grinding out their projects.

Jack Harris, Online Reporter and Film Critic

November 6, 2019

Next Friday, Nov. 8, Film Club is hosting their first event of the year: a screening of the 1984 classic, “Ghostbusters,” in the little theater. Admission is free, and popcorn and other snacks will be available for purchase. Though free admission is a risk for the club, they have high hopes that it wi...

Lies parents tell their children: A compilation

As people grow older, they become more aware of some of the larger lies told them as kids. WSS has compiled some lies people have heard over the years.

Carmela Cohen Suarez, Copy Editor and Entertainment Editor

November 6, 2019

Throughout our childhood, we are told fairy tales such as the story of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. We grow up accepting these and finding a certain amount of joy in believing these fairy tales. Sometimes, though, we are told lies that are so insane that it is difficult to believe we e...

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