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The student news site of West High School

West Side Story

The student news site of West High School

West Side Story

Bivan Shrestha ’22 works on the last assignments of the school year.

COVID-19 learning: a year in review

Thayer Abu-Hijleh June 9, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has left its indelible mark on education. From online school to student quarantines, navigating the challenges of this year was no easy task. But how did a year as strange and uncertain...

Summer jobs: the good, the bad and the ugly

Summer jobs: the good, the bad and the ugly

Maddy Smith, Visual Editor and Feature Editor June 9, 2021

As summer approaches, many students are beginning to think about employment. So as students flock to apply as a lifeguard or a waiter, here are my opinions on these summer jobs.  1. Cart pusher- Grocery...

WSS bids farewell to three West High faculty members.

Bidding farewell

Misha Canin, Print Managing Editor and Business Co-Editor June 7, 2021

In a year full of political turmoil, controversial conversations in the classroom have become increasingly prevalent, raising the question: should teachers share their political views with students?

Freedom of teach

Maya Chu and Krisha Kapoor June 6, 2021

Political conversations have become inevitable. From the line in a grocery store to an aggressive Twitter thread, there is no escaping the constant outpouring of news and discussion regarding the latest...

Student experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine

Student experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine

Audrey Parrish and Annie Schwartz June 4, 2021

The WSS asked students various questions concerning their thoughts and experiences with getting vaccinated.   West Side Story: Did you have any doubts about getting vaccinated? Miles Davies...

Hector the Trojan poses for a picture in the West Side Story newsroom on June 4.

Behind the mascot: “Hector” the Trojan

Owen Aanestad and Camille Gretter June 4, 2021

Every day you walk down the halls of West High, you can catch someone repping various amounts of green and gold apparel. Almost all of them include either a logo or reference to West High’s own mascot,...

WSS looks into gun violence and its impact on students.

Call for control

Ruba Ahmed-Abdelmutalab and Helen Zhang June 3, 2021

Scared. Sad. Angry. Disgusted. Normal. These are words West High students used in a survey to describe how they feel when shootings happen across the country and around the world. Whether people have gotten...

Cormac Nabhan-Warren ’22 stands outside of the Beckwith Boathouse where he will row over the summer.

Students summer plans

Thayer Abu-Hijleh, Entertainment Editor May 31, 2021

As summer hurtles towards us, many students are preparing to put this school year in the rearview. After all, this year hasn’t exactly been sunshine and rainbows. But this raises the question: what do...

The Trojan Epic yearbook staff pose for a photo.

Trojan Epic yearbook: meet the staff

Sofia Wells-Lu, Yearbook Staff May 30, 2021

Putting together the 2020-2021 Trojan Epic Yearbook has truly been an experience like no other, presenting the staff with unique challenges and opportunities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. From...

Paras Bassuk 21 advocates for students to have a say in Iowa government.

2021’s Last Story: Paras Bassuk ’21

Bess Frerichs, Online Managing and Feature Editor May 30, 2021

This interview does not reflect the will of the State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council or the Iowa Department of Human Rights. For a lot of students, legislation, bills and senate files are just vocabulary...

In the Broadcast room,  Tyler Meade, Alex Arens 23, Garrett Hartwig and Lyova Merkle 23 film GGTV.

The creation of GGTV

Audrey Parrish, News Co-Editor May 28, 2021

A brand new live broadcast hit the screens of West High during homeroom on March 4. This broadcast is called GGTV and was created by the students and teachers of the Green and Gold Academy. The live streams...

West High seniors with varying post-secondary plans share their takeaways from the college application process.

College application tips: Student edition

Maggie Huang, Online News Editor May 22, 2021

A highlight of senior year is notably the college application process. While this process can be exhilarating and rewarding, it can also be a stressful and confusing one. WSS interviewed five seniors with...

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