Fashion Friday-Ryan Hansen ’15


Photo by Nick Deerberg

By Megumi Kitamoto

WSS: Describe your every day style.

Ryan Hansen ’15: My style is usually a v-neck shirt, cardigan and skinny jeans. I’m always really cold, which is why I wear a cardigan. I wear skinny jeans because I have been told that I look good in them.

WSS: What is your favorite color?

RH: I like wearing blue because it matches my skin tone.

WSS: Where do you shop?

RH: I like to shop at American Eagle and H&M, because they tend to know what’s in style and they have a broad selection. I am in love with American Eagle’s clearance section.

WSS: Do you

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have a fashion no-no?

RH: Double denim [wearing denim shirt and pants]. That should never happen.

WSS: Do you have any advice for people trying to find their style?

RH: Don’t copy other people, because fashion is a way to express yourself and you wouldn’t be able to show who you really are. For me, I recently came out as gay, and before that fashion was the only way I could show my true self.

Ryan Hansen '15Ryan Hansen '15