The show choir world: the Benton “Touch of Class” competition



Complied by Shirley Wang and Hannah Merrill 

The air is hot and crowded as more than 800 people pack into the gym for the “Touch of Class” competition at Benton Community High School on Saturday, February 15th. The makeshift auditorium is set up with a stage, heavy curtains that hang from the rafters, and two overhead screens with a live feed for the unfortunate audience members far in the back. The attention is around a small table near the front of the room, where anxious teenagers wait eagerly for their chance to hold a trophy against their glittering costumed bodies.

The awards announcements at a show choir competition come in two parts; in the first part, or the day round, awards are given to those who have proved they have the best band, or best costumes, or like West High’s Goodtime Company was awarded that day, the most creative show. Then, one by one, the finalist groups are named and only six of the 22 show choirs will have a chance to compete in part two: the night rounds, for the Grand Champion title.

On this night, the Goodtime Company is placed fourth overall and Showtime is given second place in the Prep division.

“I felt really good about [Showtime’s award],” said Sarah Franz ’16, a Showtime member. “There are such good groups here and it means a lot to me to get second against so many other great groups.”

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