Veronika Graves ’14: fashion Friday

Brittani Langland

By Gage Van Dyke

WSSWhere do you shop?

Veronika Graves ’14: Dry Goods, PacSun, Von Maur, American & Eagle and Four Seasons.

WSS: Describe your style.

VG: My style changes from day to day. If I like an article of clothing, I’ll get it and work with it. Animal shirts are always a yes, especially wolves.

WSS: Would you say your style is more comfort oriented or more influenced by the trends?

VG: In general it goes with comfort and trends. My style is random. My style is impulsive. If I pick a specific item of clothing, I’ll base the entire outfit off of it.

WSS: Has your style changed over the years?

VG: Before moving to Iowa City, I didn’t have style. My old school (Muscatine) had a more athletic look, with teased hair being the main accessory. One time during freshman year I came to school and I looked like an avatar because of my overdone blue eyeshadow. I’d say Iowa City is more high fashion.