Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Rebecca Wen

For me, Spider-Man has always been ranked near the bottom among superheroes, and the most recent Spider-man movie hasn’t changed my mind. It wasn’t a bad movie, and the actors were decent, but everything was slightly lacking, creating an overall unsatisfactory feel.

Spider-Man swings from one skyscraper to another much like a monkey swinging from vines. It’s nostalgic and impressive the first time, but after showing the spectacle perhaps a dozen times, it’s wearisome and a bit nauseating.

The plot is typical, and it lacks intensity. A superhero fights crime in disguise while trying to maintain a normal life with the woman he loves.

Andrew Garfield, who plays Spider-Man, and Emma Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy, are supposed to look fresh out of high school. It was impossible not to cringe seeing them in caps and gowns during the graduation scene. Besides that, Emma Stone does an okay job as a smart, ambitious valedictorian, but Garfield seems more like a bro than an endearing, shy nerd.

Some of the action scenes are embarrassing, with the awkward slow motion, witty banter laced into the fighting, and the uncreative violence overall.

The movie addressed Spider-Man’s conflict between superhero and teenager, which wasn’t very interesting. It also wastes too much time showing how the news is ambivalent about Spider-Man’s contribution to the city. All of the topics (there were possibly too many) were universal truths explained in a mundane way.

As the drawn-out movie came to an end, a combination of mediocre factors left me feeling, well, nothing.


Here’s a trailer in case you still feel like watching the movie: