Parking lot problems


Attending a school referred to by its students as “West High Best High” has major perks. We have outstanding sports teams, a wide variety of classes to choose from and talented arts programs, not to mention the teachers and administration that go above and beyond to make sure West High is a safe and welcoming community. You would think such a great school would invest in more parking spaces, there is a major shortage of parking.
Although not every student is driving to school, the amount that appears to be almost the same as the amount of parking spaces available. Whether you’re a new driver or a seasoned driver, you must have noticed the difficulty in the morning to find a good parking spot. When you can’t find a spot and are forced to park illegally you get fined five dollars.
With the recent budget cuts, a new parking lot is not at the top of the school’s list, but it should be. Unless they plan to make money off of their students for parking in nonexistent spaces when it is not their fault, we should take a look at the front lawn for more parking. If the front lawn is not an option, then we need parking in the back of the school by the football fields. There is a problem when the parking lot is almost as full for school as it is for a football game.
Though it doesn’t always affect a student’s ability to get to class on time, it does take away money that does not need to be spent on parking at West High. A solution to this problem would be more parking for all.