Fashion Friday: Camille Anderson ’16


Paige Brazina, Design Editor

West Side Story: How would you describe your style?

Camille Anderson ‘16: My style is more chic. I like wearing darker colors, like dark blue and gray, because I feel like it works well with my skin tone and my eyes.

WSS: Where do you like to shop in the area?

CM: I like driving out to the Williamsburg Outlet Mall and going to stores like J. Crew and Coach, but if I don’t have the time to go out there, I go to American Eagle, Dry Goods, and Forever 21.

WSS: Are there any other places that you like to shop?

CM: There’s this website called and they always have great things. I also like to go online to stores like J. Crew and Kate Spade.

WSS: What advice do you have for people who are trying to find their own styles?

CM: Just pick up a bunch of magazines and try to find your own version of what the celebrities wear or what you think is “in”. Lucky Magazine is my favorite because a lot of it is about the clothing and accessories.

WSS: What is your go-to outfit?

CM: Probably jeans and a dressy shirt.

WSS: Where are the best places to go for your go-to outfit?

CM: I like buying my jeans at American Eagle, but my favorite brand name of jeans would probably be Rock Revival. My favorite shirts are probably from American Eagle and Aerie.

WSS: Do you have a favorite piece of clothing?

CM: My favorite pieces of clothing are my button down denim shirts. You don’t have to dress them up or down, and they are always cute.

WSS: What is your favorite accessory?

CM: I love my red Coach bag. I don’t like to think of myself as materialistic, but my red Coach bag just makes me so happy, not to mention it really adds to every outfit.

WSS: Does anyone at West influence your fashion?

CM: The other upperclassmen. I think that as you get older, you develop your own fashion sense, so it’s always interesting to see what my peers are wearing.

WSS: Do you have a favorite clothing season?

CM: Fall. Wearing things like boots, leggings and jeans are my favorite.

WSS: What is a fashion no-no?

CM: I don’t think there is such thing. If you feel comfortable wearing something, then wear it.