Fashion Friday: Jin Lee ’17


Simran Sarin, Print Editor-in-Chief

Walking down the halls, she’s the girl you always notice. Everyday, she’s wearing a stylish, unique outfit. Her outfits are different than you’ve ever seen, and she pairs her clothes together in new ways every time. This is Jin Lee ’17, a girl with a mind for fashion.

West Side Story: What does fashion mean to you?

Jin Lee ’17: It’s a great hobby to me, and it’s happiness, because when I do something related to fashion I just really enjoy it. In the morning I’m like, “Oh, I want to wear this,” and “Oh, I look good in this.”

WSS: Where does your inspiration in fashion come from?

JL: I don’t have a particular person that inspires me. It’s just according to my own style. It’s what I think fits together well. I get some inspiration from fashion blogs. I don’t search for trends or what other people are wearing. I don’t wear trends I don’t like. I don’t know, I just wake up and look in my closet.

WSS: How does your Korean ethnicity affect your style?

JL: It really doesn’t affect me. I try to stay away from the typical Korean fashion and don’t try to conform to a style in Korea or any particular country. I just do what I like in general.

WSS: How do you classify your style?

JL: I think it’s simple and different. I like flowers, and wear a lot of floral patterns. I also like crop tops. I like staying chic and minimal.

WSS: What techniques do you use to choose your outfits, if any?

JL: The colors of the clothes, and when I choose the outfits I just try to visualize the whole look.

WSS: How do you incorporate accessories into your fashion?

JL: I avoid wearing a lot of accessories unless it’s a really simple style outfit. Otherwise I wear just a couple of accessories. For most outfits, it’s necklaces. I also like wearing earcuffs.

WSS: What are your favorite stores?

JL: Forever 21 has a lot of casual styles of clothes and H&M has a lot of different types so I go there often. I buy lot of necklaces and accessories from J.Crew.

WSS: What other kinds of beauty and art are you interested in?

JL: I’m interested in all kinds of art and fashion-related things. I’m interested in makeup and hair and nail art, too. I enjoy choosing accessories and hair accessories.

WSS: Would you like to pursue fashion in the future?

JL: Yes, definitely. I haven’t decided what yet, but I want to attend college for something related to fashion. It would be more business-related, I guess.

WSS: What do you think is a key component to a successful outfit?

JL: Well, I just think, if you don’t like an outfit, why do you wear it? You have to like the outfit, but if you want a finishing touch add accessories. Just wear whatever you feel comfortable with and just have your own style. Don’t try to copy off of someone.

Compiled by Olivia Read and Simran  Sarin