Fashion Friday: Ricky Rodriguez ’16


Megumi Kitamoto

West Side Story: What is your favorite item in your closet?

Ricky Rodriguez ’16: I like woven dress shirts, because they are so functional and versatile.

ricky 2

WSS: Do you have a fashion inspiration?

RR: Music inspires me more than a specific person. For example, The 1975 and metal [bands] wear a lot of monotone, which I wear a lot.

WSS: Where do you shop?

RR: As long as it’s cheap, I will go wherever so I shop at Target, Ragstock, Forever 21 and H&M.

ricky 3

WSS: Do you have any fashion no-nos?

RR: I think that people are their own person so they can wear whatever they want.

WSS: Has your band (Big Oak) influenced your style?

RR: Joe [Feldmann ’16] has his own style; he doesn’t care and does his own thing, but I get more inspiration from [my bandmates] musically because were are all individuals.